200-400mbps max on wifi

  • He y’all, figured I’d post to see if anybody has any suggestions. I currently have waveG gigabit service. My Ethernet speeds are around 960mbps always, yay! But over wifi, I can’t seem to get above 200-400mbps. I know that there are limitations over WiFi 5, but wondering if anyone had any better luck?

    For example, on iPhone I can sometimes get around 400mbps download, same with my MacBook Pro. But on my gaming rig, impossible. I even have a intel WiFi ax200 wireless card. I understand that This router does not support WiFi 6 nor 160hz, but i thought it’d still offer more than 200mbps average using that card. It’s stated that this card should support wireless ac 1733mbps, yet I’m seeing Linz speed of 866mbps max. I’m pretty sure that’s the limitation of wireless ac and advertised speed is a combined speed. But, is it possible to increase the throughput? For example, MacBook Rx bitrate fluctuated and sometimes is at 1.3gbps, while Tx rate is low. But on windows devices, it’s always at 866mbps each way.

  • @Ivan-Gromov

    Did you ever get a reply or figure this out?

    I'm noticing my Wi-Fi seems capped at 400mbps

  • @CirrusAdmin With WiFi-5 (AC) depending on your devices capabilities, that speeds sounds expected.

  • If that’s expected, it’s disappointing. My previous router, a low - mid range Linksys that my telco gave me for free, was giving me exactly 500Mbps all the time. Now after “upgrading” myself to the AMPLIFI I have the exact same issue as the OP. Always between 200 - 400 on 1 gig fibre.
    Testing with the same devices, standing in front of the routers of course.

  • @Ivan-Gromov
    Using the free IOS app Wi-Fi Sweetspots on my iPhone I can see a throughput of +- 613Mbps upstairs and +- 350 Mbps downstairs.

    So yes it can defenitly get above 400 Mbps.


    0_1589701264817_Wi-Fi Sweetspots.jpg

  • Hi @globetro - isn't SweetSpots only determining a PHY link speed to the router and not throughput across the router?
    And your 613 Mbps is based on a 2x2 MIMO iOS device (900+ Mbps theoretical on a 3x3 link) as well correct?

    I think most people are wanting to see high switching and routing NAT speeds out to their gigabit ISP service, so they are testing online and not locally

    AmpliFi enabled Hardware NAT on the Ethernet interface to get close to gigabit speeds wired, but that doesn't apply to the wireless connections and @Dmitrijs-Ivanovs reported a couple years ago that "~450 Mbps is current practical limit of Amplifi in 5 GHz band" for the HD's

    That was since improved somewhat with things like client A-MSDU being implemented, but I believe WLAN to WAN throughput is still being limited to well below gigabit speeds by the packet processing and routing of the HD itself, which is what @Ivan-Gromov was originally reporting

  • @Derek-Saville

    Sweetspots is in fact displaying the wifi throughput to the router and not the link speed. I am using a wireless Oculus VR headset and it needs a high speed 5Ghz wifi connection. The headset reports a link speed of 866Mbs, but I wanted to know the realworld bandwidth to the headset.
    I used my iPhone XS to meassure the connection in the house. The Ampfifi HD router downstairs got about 350Mbs, but the HD router (setup as meshpoint with 1Gbit backhaul) got up to 620Mbs.
    I checked by downloading a file to my phone, indeed +-65MB/s. iPhone may be a 3x3 device, I don't know... The VR device is only 2x2....866max...
    Strange thing is primairy HD router get only to 350Mbs, but the router setup as a meshpoint gets 620Mbs.. Could it be that the Amplifi HD router setup as a meshpoint AP, not having to do routing etc, can use all of it's cpu for wifi streams and is able to process more data that way? Must be something like that...
    I just retested, with my daughter playing a game, and streaming youtube on her phone I still get 55MB/s with an ftp transfer to my phone on the same wifi ssid..

    P.J. Lebon

  • Hi @globetro - that is very interesting

    Do you have HW NAT enabled with a gigabit ISP connection?

    You may be right that the main router cannot well handle NAT + WLAN packet processing, but a wired Ethernet backhaul RAMP with no NAT burden (essentially Bridge mode equivalent) can possibly process significantly higher wireless throughput

    Maybe more people will test that out...

  • @Derek-Saville
    Hi Derek,

    Yes I have hardware NAT enabled, and a wired 1Gb Ethernet backhaul on the mesh router. My ISP speed is only 400/100.
    I tested it a bit more by switching the 2 routers. I made the mesh router the main router, and now the other one mesh point. The results are the same.
    Mesh point router almost 2 times the throughput of the main router.

    When the Amplifi HD is used as a router, it looks like the cpu is limiting it's throughput of the wifi.

    P.J. Lebon

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