Teleport App - Query for tech support

  • My Amplifi HD is in bridge mode as I use an Edge Router 6P for my main router. The teleport app connects and says I have and internet connection but nothing loads. Is it because i use my HD in bridge mode and if so why should this be an issue or do you think that something extra needs to be tweaked on the Edge Router 6P to allow the app to work ?
    Any info much appreciated.

  • Unless you're running the Beta AmpliFi firmware, the Teleport App does not work in bridge mode (beta firmware added this feature along with LAN access).

    If you want to try out the beta firmware, you can follow the steps here. PS. If http://amplifi.lan/ does not work for you, you can also access the same interface via the router's IP address in your browser e.g. etc.

    If you are running the beta firmware and it's not working, it may be because your network requires LAN access to work (e.g. if you're using a Pi-Hole for DNS etc.) in which case you'll need to enable "Local network" access for your phone too before it works.

    How-to enable local network access (currently requires beta firmware):

    Generate a code and try to connect your device, you won't get any internet access but it'll add the device as a client to the AmpliFi WiFi app. Turn Teleport off to re-gain your normal internet connectivity.

    Switch to the AmpliFi WiFi app, then you will see your phone listed under devices (along with your router and any mesh points), select your phone, then under Client Details there's an Access section, where you just have to turn on the "Local network" option. Switch it on.

    Go back to the Teleport app, and toggle the switch back to on, you should now have working internet access if all goes well.

  • Thanks to you both for the prompt replies. I shall give both a go 👍

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