Firmware v3.1.1

  • AmpliFi firmware v3.1.1 has been released

    Release notes:

    • IPTV & VPN compatibility improvements
    • Resolved mobile app to AmpliFi connection issue
    • Minor enhancements and fixes
    • Teleport client enhancements and fixes including:
      • Connection to router in bridge mode
      • Network devices on the remote router are accessible when access is allowed

    We use a gradual rollout for the update. It may take up to a week for your device to receive this update.

    Thank you!

  • @ui-brett I did not update to 3.1.0 because of all the noise about performance and stability issues. Would I need to do a two step upgrade or will 3.1.1 supersede the pending 3.1.0 update?

  • Hi @ui-brett - AmpliFi really does need a way to bypass the gradual roll-out queuing

    Could you please at least put an option to force an update on the web UI?

  • @derek-saville I agree with you on that, it would make it easier for people who want to adopt it earlier, I'm in the beta program and I got it this morning.

  • Hi there, I have upgraded to 3.1.1.
    I am in China and my amplifi router is in bridge mode with ER-X router with public ip.
    When I using Teleport app to connect to amplifi, the latency is very high(200ms~300ms).
    Does the teleport app connect to amplifi directly or connect to an ubnt server first and then connect back to amplifi?

  • @rakesh-gupta Great question since I have not updated for the same reasons. I hope I do not have to do multiple updates.

  • @james-earl-ford @Rakesh-Gupta When your device prompts for an update to 3.1.1, it will update directly to the latest version without having to do incremental updates.

  • @ui-brett Thanks, will update tonight.

  • @derek-saville @Edward-Dolezal Because we always test our releases through beta, the latest beta firmware will always be identical as the public release. So in this case, 3.1.1rc3 is 3.1.1 Your device will see a change to reflect public once your MAC ID is triggered to receive the public version, but by being on beta you will be the first to get the "Public" release in a way.

  • For any users that are on the beta program, you should be included in the first wave of updates when a public firmware is released
    If you have not received a prompt to update to 3.1.1 and are currently enrolled in beta, please send me a DM so I can investigate.

  • Apart from updating to the latest firmware 3.1.1, are there any other requirements to activate LAN access when using the Teleport app with remote connection? It works as previously, internet traffic routed through home network, but no LAN devices visible?

  • Hi @ui-brett - understood

    Because I manage quite a few different installation sites (including Bridge mode Teleport 'servers' behind other AmpliFi main routers), all but one are not on the Beta track and I don’t usually enable remote management (I use HW Teleports for remote access)

    I also prefer being on site for firmware updates whenever possible

    Just would have preferred an Update Firmware button in the web UI which jumps the queue (and feels right) instead of toggling a Beta Access Request on and then off again, that’s all

  • @ui-brett thank you

  • @caspar-lugtmeier Access to the local network needs to be given per device. One your device has successfully connected via the Teleport app, launch the AmpliFi app and select the mobile device now listed on the home screen, this device will also have the Teleport logo next to it. Near the bottom of the settings screen is a "Local Network" toggle switch that will give that device LAN access.

  • @ui-brett
    It works! Thanks.

  • Update from rc3 to general release went well. Performance seems on teleport in use.

  • Upnp servers are not showing up Teleport mode (servio server on a Mac mini)

  • @徐佳喜 said in Firmware v3.1.1:

    Does the teleport app connect to amplifi directly or connect to an ubnt server first and then connect back to amplifi?

    There needs to be a data flow and technical description of how this product works. Reading the TOS is scary as it appears to make clear that LOTS of data is sent to the mothership. I'm unwilling to use this product until details are made clear.

  • Hi @matthew-leeds - the TOS may be referring to the questionable Teleport DNS Behavior which was hitting China servers in the past, but unfortunately never explained

    So you are right to want the connection details

  • I, like others had major issues with 3.1.0 to the point where the router was complete unusable. I had ping request drops on hardwired lan and with no internet connectivity, the LCD indicated TBs of data was being downloaded. Have any of these issues been identified in this release? The release notes have me afraid to try because it only mentions “minor” fixes. I’m not trolling. Until the last update, all Amplifi updates have been totally smooth for me but the last one was a disaster and very difficult to roll back from.

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