Firmware v3.1.1

  • @joe-johal This is not a known or reported issue that I am aware of. Are all 3 of the Netgear switches that you tested identical?
    Are they basic switches or managed switches?
    Have you had the ability to test these switches in another environment to eliminate the possibility of a FW issue with them?
    Could you possibly have static addresses assigned in the AmpliFi settings or within the Netgear settings that are conflicting?

  • I've actually tried a 4th switch, they are all different models and all basic unmanaged switches.
    I haven't set any devices as static, just a plug and play environment.
    Weirdly things started working again for a few days but tonight started playing up again. Been stable for a solid 2 years but driving me nuts right now.

  • @joe-johal said in Firmware v3.1.1:

    tonight started playing up again

    Since it just went through a connection and disconnection cycle, now will be the best time to gather support files. Gan you gather them using the app or the WebUI and send them to me?

  • Thanks @ui-brett

    The situation has improved and the HR units are no longer dropping ethernet connection. My VOIP still disconnects but far less frequently maybe just 3-5 times a day but resets within a minute so I can live with that for now. Will stay on current firmware for now and monitor closely. Hopefully can get by until next firmware and that may resolve completely.


  • @ui-brett I sent support files for UI-JT same as the Gude shows but I got an email form a lady rep asking about the issue and a ticket number.

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