Settings using browser or app

  • Hi
    I did the setup using the app. Then logged in from browser.
    I see something very different compared to the app.
    In my browser I see a dropdown for different connection types, I see option/checkboxes to enable ipv6 and advanced settings to enable hardware nat, bypass dns cache, improve ap scan with 802.11k, direct stations 802.11v and improve wireless clients with a-msdu.

    I then see option save & continue.

    Thing is that all this does is saves the option, there is no continue part.

    Is there no interface using browser? Are there different settings using browser and the app?

    The 802.11v etc options I cant even find in the app, only using the browser.

    I was hoping there would be some options to block traffic, ports etc like my last routers going back 200 years had as options. Is there no such thing with hd?

  • @linus-liljeström AmpliFi was designed originally to have only an app for configuration, this was later updated to include more advanced features in the WebUI but not an all encompassing WebUI. We currently have a feature request for a more advanced WebUI that I can add your voice to if you would like

  • @ui-brett Count me in!

  • @ui-brett I would like to be able to see the device logs in the WebUI.

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