AMPLIFI routers have slow WiFi

  • Slow WiFi speed with Amplifi HD, I have Fibre from MetroNet with Gigabit speed when I’m wired I achieve over 900Mbps but over the wireless I am only able to achieve 200-300 Mbps. I also have have an Amplifi Instant at my remote office with same MetroNet fibre and achieve identical results over 900Mbps wired and 200-300 Mbps WiFi, regardless of the device I use I.e MacBook or Iphone X or android and connecting to AC 5ghz the witless speed from these routers are a big disappointment. I have tweaked (hardware Nat, Bandwidth steering etc) these routers but it does not matter. So I have to ask why is the WiFi so slow? Neither router WiFi speeds are close to AC reported speeds??

  • That is pretty much the expected WiFi speed. There is quite a difference between theoretical and actual Wi-Fi speed.

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