AMPLIFI routers have slow Wifi

  • Slow WiFi speed with Amplifi HD, I have Fibre from MetroNet with Gigabit speed when I’m wired I achieve over 900Mbps but over the wireless I am only able to achieve 200-300 Mbps. I also have have an Amplifi Instant at my remote office with same MetroNet fibre and achieve identical results over 900Mbps wired and 200-300 Mbps WiFi, regardless of the device I use I.e MacBook or Iphone X or android and connecting to AC 5ghz the witless speed from these routers are a big disappointment. I have tweaked (hardware Nat, Bandwidth steering etc) these routers but it does not matter. So I have to ask why is the WiFi so slow? Neither router WiFi speeds are close to AC reported speeds??

  • @chris-bradshaw Exactly the same here with Xfinity Gigabit. 900+ over wired (NAT accel. enabled), but max 200 Mbps on my iPhone and Macbook (both support AC/Wifi-5). I have the latest firmware (3.1.1.), each Mesh is reporting 97%+ connection, and my house is fairly average (2200 sq ft split level).

    I've toggled every setting and knob I can to no avail. I'm not expecting 900+ on wireless but certainly more than 200 Mbps.

  • @chris-bradshaw I have slow wired and wireless. Wireless I get about 7Mbps and when wired I get 220 Mbps if I am lucky. I can swap in another router and I get 965-991Mbps. I've been trying to get this issue fixed for a long time and it never has been and nobody can explain it.

  • Having the exact same issue with speed.

    I am using the Amplifi HD in Bridge mode. When on wifi, I am getting <200Mbps. From my servers, I can get between 400-900Mbps.

    I decided to put the router output into the switch, jumper the switch to the input on the Amplifi and then connect the switch to the main switch. The Amplifi HD reported 900Mbps on the LCD screen, but wifi wouldn't connect. Not sure if the is a good way to connect it? So I reverted to having the input to the Amplifi from the main switch.

  • @jason-glithero If I understand the configuration correctly that would work because your primary router is handing out DHCP addresses not AmpliFi, and the order in which AmpliFi is placed doesn't make a big difference unless you create an ethernet loop by accident.

    • What devices are you testing wirelessly from?
    • What speed test websites are you using?
    • What speeds are you expecting wirelessly?

  • @ui-brett so my connection has the AMPLIFI as the router with an OMT sitting in front (bridged) I use hardware nat and bandwidth steering. My wired connection is perfectly fine it is with the wireless that is the issue I have tested with an iPhone 11 - iPhone 6plus also with a Chrome book, MacBook, IPad Pro, Dell Laptop running Linux Mint. ALL wireless speeds are consistent 200-300 Mbps not close the the AC standard. I have an additional AMPLIFI Instant and another location with similar setup I have a laptop direct connected wired speed is good but same speeds wirelessly. When I have tested with other brands I am able to achieve better speeds

  • I was having slowness and sent in support info. I was asked to turn off the auto channel settings and set to 2.4 channel 11 and 5 channel 149. This seems to have fixed the issue.

    I’m not sure what the “auto” setting does and if this is a bug, but worth trying maybe.

  • I am sure that would help a lot of people.

    Technically, it’s easy to understand why or how this manual change would speed up WiFi performance:

    From that article:

    “Starting with 802.11n and continuing with 802.11ac, wireless technology in general became much more advanced than the prehistoric days of 802.11b and g. If you own at least a decent 802.11n or 802.11ac router (i.e. if you bought a router in the last several years), it likely has some hardware inside that chooses the right channel automatically and modifies the output power to maximize throughput and minimize interference.

    Apparently, it doesn’t seem like we invested our hard-earned $$ in the right product / right company simply because each and every firmware update messes up something and people are forced to manually select / de-select 1 or more options to get what they paid for!!

    P.S. I very much dislike google / facebook. This ID is ONLY for those sites who still don’t get how to respect people’s privacy!!

  • doesn't matt what router you buy it's advisable to manually set the channels, most routers are notoriously bad at choosing an appropriate channel.

    Even on the Asus forums there a re people complaining about the WiFi when the WiFi driver hasn't been updated in 2 years no changes to the WiFi at all yet every firmware update someone complains the WiFi is broken, because the neglected to troubleshoot their own devices or reboot them, some times it's because the router had been on for so long and the reboot form the update breaks the original connection.

  • I also am experiencing terrible wireless throughput/speed. I have CenturyLink Gigabit fiber internet and use the HD Gamers Edition with a standard HD mesh router. I am using an additional standard HD mesh router in a wireless backhaul config to my Gamers Edition HD router. No mesh points. The wireless is inconsistent and slow. And I’ve factory reset from scratch twice, turned on a variety of combinations for advanced settings at the website with no luck in speed. Also setting the QoS Gamers Edition mode seems to crash the iOS app on my iPhone X or my HD mesh router?

    Can I send a diagnostic report to Ubiquity? This is getting ridiculous, don’t know if it’s the firmware or hardware but these software updates need to get better.

  • @chris-bradshaw The AC standard for wireless speeds is an achievable speed in a perfect environment, and im most cases our homes are not "perfect". Can you generate a support file from AmpliFi after performing a speed test? Hopefully we can see more about what's causing the speeds to not be as high as expected.

  • @ui-brett My 6+ year old Apple TC was never touched except when it was time to dust it off or some once in while firmware upgrade. I never had to play with any settings. Took them out the box, plug in configure for my ISP and done.

    Now, I go to bed thinking about your product - praying my upload / download completes by sunrise and check it out first in the morning before taking out my dogs!

    I paid twice more than Apple TC for your product with this buzz word all over your site and its box: Mesh Networking!

    First year, it was truly set it and forget it - until we got bombarded with firmware updates - which I am now forced to disconnect both my Mesh Points in order to get the advertised speed.

    I fail to understand why my environment was perfect before these firmwares but since last year it has become imperfect requiring manual changes to router!

    I can’t speak for others but in my case none of these firmware even with their additional features made any positive difference - except damaging its performance.

    I have a feeling that someone there is trying to keep their job and coming up with these firmware but in fact is damaging company’s reputation!

    I also believe no one actually tests these firmwares and document what needs to be changed / disabled in order to get achievable speed in an “imperfect” environment/S.

    Err ... wait a second ... what was the purpose of Mesh Networking??

    I live in a studio about 4300 sq with clear path. Why do I have to disconnect both Mesh Points so all my devices connect to router only - and then I get achievable speed!!

    Why should people consider paying 10 times more when a $50 AC router without advertised Mesh Network on its box can match AmpliFi Mesh Router performance in the same “imperfect” environment??

    Yes, they also come with at least one active USB port!

    FWIW, I’m an IT guy with 25+ years experience.

  • @tony-penev Yes you can send us the support files so we can review and see what is causing this. It is best if you gather the support files shortly after one of the crashes or drops in speed, that way we know the issue will be captured in the logs. You can also reference this community post in your email. Using the app to generate support files is usually the easiest way.

  • @google Thank you for the feedback!
    I am more than willing to work personally with you to try and identify what is causing so many issues with your home network. From my experience in support, sometimes an update is looked at as the culprit of these problems and in reality it never was.

    So because of that, I like to start with gathering support files with your current configuration that is in place, then rolling back the firmware to a previous known, fully functional firmware that you can remember. Then we can gather support files once again if all of the issues were corrected, and compare support files from the two configurations.

    Would you be willing to generate support files for us to analyze?

  • @ui-brett Thank you for your time and offer to assist. I have been following your posts for a very long time and noticed you truly go above and beyond to help your customers.

    I have given up after 11+ months speaking with your support agents and sending a number of diagnostic reports.

    I won’t bother anyone with my posts here.

    I recycled my mesh points. The router itself will live on as it’s gorgeous, unique design, fast and stable in my environment - for a guy and 2 dogs!!

    Mesh Networking was meant to be useful / helpful. Sadly, my personal experience proved otherwise - and pain in the neck!

    Here’s another review very similar to my situation:

    After 5 months shopping for a replacement, I still strongly recommend your HD router - minus Mesh Points.

    Another positive fact is, unlike many other similar products (eero and others), your products don’t call home!!

    I wish you could drop facebook / google login completely from your forum as well as teleport option! 😉

    All the best!

  • @ui-brett Thanks. I went ahead and emailed the file over to you guys.

  • Throwing my hat in the ring here. Centurylink Gig fiber. Can achieve 700-900mbps with a wired connection. Wireless standing right next to the Amplify HD router I can't get any more than 220mbps.

    It would be helpful to know if the router is not capable of higher speeds or if it's something that can be corrected by software. It's a shame because it's the most stable router I've ever owned. It's just slow.

  • @steve-secor The wireless speeds do have many variables, but I can assure you that devices can achieve speeds over 220mbps. What device is it you are testing wireless speeds with, and what speedtest website are you using?

  • @ui-brett Thanks for the reply. I've used and for speed tests. The devices I've tested with are a Pixel 3 XL, Chromebook Pixel (2015), iPad Pro.

    I'm willing to provide any other info if it helps.

  • @steve-secor I'm limited to the same throughput (~220 Mbps, I have a 500 Mbps WAN Pipe) on multiple different devices as well unfortunately. This has been an ongoing issue for a while now.