Ubiquiti AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi System AFi-HD for Entertain Telekom

  • Hello,I have a Draytek Vigor 165 as a modem. TheUbiquiti AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi System AFi-HD is my router. What settings do I have to make, so that I can receive interference-free Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Telekom Entertain?

    greetimg Marcus

  • @marcus-henning This may be a question best suited for your ISP, they would know best on what settings/features are required. Once you know what is required, I can help you apply the changes.

    Please update your post with who your ISP is, that way if other users have the same ISP they could potentially answer that question for us!

  • Hello,

    my ISP is German Telekom. My Reciever fom Telekom, the MR401, has the follow message.
    An outdated version of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is used.
    The telecom gives me no information, since there is no hardware of the telecom.

  • When i remeber it correctly, the Amplifi uses IGMP V2 and Telekom requiers IGMP V3.
    But you should be able to see Entertain without any problems, except that you're getting that error message from the mr401.

  • @UI-Brett When do we FINALLY see a proper IGMPv3 implementation?
    Not present in the UniFi product line nor in AmpliFi devices.
    Why is it so difficult to implement a standard which is on the market for ages and being requested by tons of people for years (for both product lines)?
    You‘d definitely boost Ubiquiti‘s revenue by implementing IGMPv3!
    What a show stopper... 😞

    Back to topic:
    I am also using a DrayTek Vigor165 modem in combo with an AmpliFi HD.
    IPTV kinda works on IGMPv2 however UHD content (channels) having massive issues...
    Can anyone confirm or is it just me with UHD issues on IGMPv2?

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