Request to override rolling updates

  • Can we please have an option to override the rolling updates and instead offer an update when it is available?

    The current implementation of waiting days for rolling updates is very frustrating and demotivating for people who want to be involved in providing actionable feedback.

    I want to be able to install updates that may have important fixes for my configuration. In the end it will help me help the AmpliFi team.

  • @mark-miller enroll in their Beta program, maybe?

  • @virgil-nicolae Been there, done that. I have neither the time nor the patience to live with the inevitable surprises that are inherent to beta releases -- especially with my home network. However, I can justify helping with public releases.

  • @mark-miller well you just have to thank the people who keep complaining every release that complain that something broke every release, that's why they implemented the new release system also to fix bugs before most people get the updates.

  • Hi @mark-miller - since there is a toggle now in the web UI to opt in & out of the beta program, @UI-Brett implies here that once a public version is released you could opt in to beta, receive the identical RC update, and then opt out again, although I wouldn't be interested in doing this myself personally

    Seems like they could also have a toggle to opt in & out of the 'First Wave' of the public releases (slow ring) so users who want to give early feedback on public releases could do so

    If the goal of a staggered public release is to capture issues NOT found in beta (fast ring) testing in order to halt the roll out when necessary, an initial release to eager first wave testers would be a benefit worth the effort of adding another toggle to the web UI

  • @derek-saville Yeah, I thought of toggling the web UI beta option, but decided against it.

    If the goal of a staggered public release is to capture issues not found in beta testing in order to halt the roll out when necessary, then that is enough to make me question AmpliFi's capacity to carefully and thoroughly test their software. It also makes me question my continued use of this product.

  • ...question AmpliFi's capacity to carefully and thoroughly test their software...

    Hi @mark-miller - then you have to question the ability of every major tech company that release software and firmware updates, as they pretty much all have had botched rollouts

    It is essentially impossible to pre-test for every WiFi environment:

    • clients themselves decide connections
    • client firmware is out of AmpliFi control
    • client OS is out of AmpliFi control
    • ISP hardware is out of AmpliFi control
    • every WiFi environment is unique

    AmpliFi does a pretty good job considering what they can control, and beta testing will never find everything

    So the more diverse candidate release testing the better, and I hope they consider a separate pre-public RC test group for those that aren’t interested in beta testing

  • @derek-saville I do not believe my statement was asking for anything unrealistic. I understand the challenges. Yes, software development is difficult. AmpliFi decided to get into this business and I am glad they did. I want them to be successful and I want them to do better.

  • I think OP was asking for the ability to opt out of rolling updates, or a "update now" button prehaps.... Not to do away with it.... Reasonable request if you ask me!

  • I thought we were all asking for the same update now button to avoid the "waiting for days" if you happen to be at the tail end of the random roll-out queue and you don't want to wait...

  • @derek-saville Another aspect to consider (and one I've asked for several times to no avail) is more detail on what changes/improvements have been made. In particular I want significant detail on security fixes including CVE numbers and other information that informs my personal decision to install any new release urgently. Look at the level of detail provided by other companies, then note what Amplifi includes, "security fixes". That's not sufficient to make a decision as to urgency vs watching others catch the arrows from a new release.

    This lack, and the lack of a coherent detailed 'how-to' for end users as new features are rolled out suggests that Amplifi is not meeting their stated goal of being a simple to use consumer product. The rollout of the software VPN is a prime example. Software is not done until the user manual is if your target is the basic consumer market. Having to hunt through the Community to find pointers to fragmented documentation is not cutting it.

    I've run consumer software QA departments and written more than one end user manual (headed a department that created them). Today, Amplifi is not an easy to use product, simple for consumers. The product offerings have bifurcated too many times, the proper product(s) to purchase for a given use case are opaque, and documentation is far behind the actual feature set.

    I was initially impressed with the product. It still minimally meets my needs. But the lack of proper customer support (running out of power supplies and requiring users to use third party adapters if their router has a micro-USB port, this is not how a consumer-facing company should operate) and the abandonment of promises and support for early adopters (the useless USB port, the incompatible early products) all speak to a company that needs to take a deep breath, refocus on its early idea of truly making an easy to use product, or decide that it's just a lower cost Ubiquity.

  • @matthew-leeds I could not agree more with you. It is another area of frustration with the product that occasionally has me looking for alternatives. Having better release notes and online documentation would be much welcomed.

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