VPN Issues with 3.1.0 and 3.1.1

  • I'm running into an issue with 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 when connecting to my corporate VPN. It will connect to the VPN but will not pass any traffic (cannot reach email or internal websites) and then after about 15-20 seconds it will drop and keep connecting/reconnecting.

    Swapping over to my 4G hotspot or directly hardwired to my cable modem resolves the issue. On 3.1.0 I had to downgrade back to 2.9 as I cannot live with this break.

    Any ideas on how to fix 3.1.1 or is this a defect that will not be fixed until a future release?

  • @billy-c Lets see if we can figure this out by comparing support files from each firmware version. Start with collecting support information on 2.9.x (whichever version is working with your corporate vpn) Then update your system to 3.1.1 and attempt to connect and pass traffic. Collect support files again and email those to me please.

    The issue you are describing is not a widespread issue (or at least on that has not been reported to me). It is difficult to say what to try in the interim, so after this test roll back to 2.9.x so you at least have a functioning VPN while we investigate this.

  • @UI-Brett will do. I am hardwired to modem now but I will reconnect everything during lunch and capture the 3.1.1 logs. Then I will downgrade and capture those logs as well.
    Update later today, thanks

  • @UI-Brett I did another factory reset (to get to a pure state and the cleanest logs possible) and tried to connect, and all was good.

    One by one, I started enabling the various settings that I normally set. Hardware NAT, 24 hour DHCP lease - all good.

    Next, I enabled IPv6 and renewed my lease on my PC - and the problem started. Log files were sent.

    I then disabled IPv6 and renewed the lease again, and it's still broken.

    Next, I disabled hardware NAT and I'm back connected again. So, the issue looks to be related to hardware NAT, which I need to reach full ISP speeds.

  • @UI-Brett Have there been any findings from the logs that I submitted on this topic?

  • @billy-c I sent you a DM earlier, the logs were never received. Did you email them to me directly or send via the app to the support team?

  • @ui-brett Crap, I sent via the app. I did not see your IM until now either, sorry.

    I will have to find some time to redo the setup again and generate the log files before/after. Give me a week or so to get that done.
    Do you prefer email so that we are sure they come through? If so please provide your email address.

  • @billy-c Yes please email me directly. Usually the app works with no issues, but since it failed the first time email is the safer bet. My email is listed in my community Bio.

  • Issue exists as well on 3.1.2
    Log files and details have been emailed. Thanks.

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