Teleport app - failing without WIFI

  • The Teleport Android app fails to connect to my Amplify HD while the phone is not connected to a WIFI network.

    Workaround: If a WIFI hotspot is activated on the phone the Teleport app works again (however sadly devices connected to that hotspot cannot access the devices connected to my Amplify HD even though the phone can).

  • @michael-leandersson When your phone has mobile hotspot enabled, it overrides the VPN connection so the devices connected to your hot spot will not receive an IP from your AmpliFi network. This is referenced in this post..

    I would assume that since the Teleport app works with your hotspot on, that it would be connecting your phone via 4G from the mobile carrier, is the same true when you are on 4G with the hotspot disabled? Also, is it failing to connect on ALL WiFi networks or is there a specific one you have been attempting to connect to?

  • @ui-brett that is correct, it successfully connects through 4G when the hotspot is enabled but fails to connect through 4G when the hotspot is disabled. The Teleport app works without problems if the phone is connected to a WIFI network.

  • @michael-leandersson After attempting a connection on each of these settings described, can you generate a support file for me to analyze?

  • @ui-brett support info file with failing VPN through 4G and successfull VPN through 4G with hotspot enabled mailed

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