Building long range wifi network

  • I'm looking for advice on which products to buy to create a wifi network with the largest range. This wifi network will be used for a 2 cargo trailers and a RV. Each vehicle can have one access point/antenna in it. The 2 cargo trailers will have outdoor externally mounted access points or antennas so they may have the best range. I would prefer to have the RV access point inside but, if it is necessary to mount one externally I can have it done. One of the access points will be the "main" one as it will be connected to a cellular hotspot. Speed, while it would be nice, is not a priority. I just need all 3 vehicles on the same network.

    Any advice you guys have would be appreciated.

  • @jason-fichter What's the distance between these trailers and the RV? Unfortunately, none of the AmpliFi units are rated for outdoor use, so you would need to install the devices inside the trailers.

    One more important thing to note, AmpliFi devices require an ethernet connection to the WAN port to be configured as a router (even when connecting in bridge mode) If you only have a wireless link, they will have to be configured in 3rd party mode.
    When used as an extender in 3rd party mode, each wireless hop from access point to access point will have a larger degradation than normal so distace is a very important factor.

  • Thank you for the quick response.

    Connecting the router via ethernet is not an issue if need be.

    The range would change depending on the event we will be at. Most likely between 500 and 1000 feet apart.

  • @jason-fichter Because of the variable distance based on different events, you may want to look into a point to point wireless bridge like this one from Ubiquiti. This is not saying that meshing multiple AFI-R AmpliFi routers together wouldn't work wirelessly, but dealing with changing distances and who knows how much of the signal will be eaten up by trailer walls it would be a safer bet.

    This is just one opinion and option, im certain there are multiple routes to consider for your unique setup

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