Problem with No connection after update

  • So after the recent updates I've been having an issue with one of my amplifi hd meahpoins.

    The router is in Ethernet backhaul and shows no connection on the display. So all my wifi from this router doesn't work.

    But all Ethernet ports work, so the connection is there. Should I request a warranty claim or are others having this issue.

  • @tommy-lee said in Problem with No connection after update:

    are others having this issue

    I haven't heard any reports of this issue specifically. I would suggests we start with some of the basic steps like power cycling and factory reseting the backhaul router (since it's not the primary, no major configuration will be needed, just add to network and toggle on ethernet backhaul)

    In the app, does it show the backhaul router as online or offline? Can you also verify that it updated to the latest firmware along with the other devices?

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