App does not work on T-Mobile remotely

  • I’ve recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and the app no longer connected when I’m not on wifi/remotely.

    If I am on wifi outside of my network I can connect but it will NOT connect on the T-Mobile carrier data. I believe it has something to do with T-Mobile’s all IPv6 network. Can this be looked at?

  • Hello James, thanks for your insight on this! We will definitely take a look. In the meantime, have you tried re-configuring your Remote Access through the app? Sometimes a factory reset of the router with a fresh re-configuration of Remote Access can really help get things re-established. Don't hesitate to reach out to our support lines (HERE: where we can dig deeper into this.

  • Hi,
    while it sometimes takes a long time (up to 40 seconds) to connect, I am fine with remote login (using Google) on T-Mobile. Not that this should make a difference, but also running dual-stack on the network.

  • The app works for me on T-Mobile remotely, but takes 30-40 seconds to connect. What do you mean when you're saying it doesn't connect when not on wifi/remotely?

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