Hello! Extension to System, Any suggestions please.

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    I have been running the AmpliFi Mesh in the home for over a year with no issues, we now have a second building (home office) which is connected to the router using a CAT 6 cable and then this connect in to a Netgear switch, giving connections to PC, Printer, IP phone and Netgear wifi access point.

    obviously, with iPhones, they connect to the Netgear access point in the office but will hang on to that now weak signal when going back into the home, and visa Versa with the Amplifi.

    So my questions are how can I extend the mesh to the office and remove the Netgear access point, providing a stable mesh service in both locations from the one router.

    Many Thanks


  • @steve-may I Since you already have a Cat 6 cable running to the second building, I think replacing the Netgear switch with an Amplifi HD in Bridge Mode and 1 mesh point would give you what you need.

  • @steve-may if you have an ethernet cable running between the properties then why not just use another AmpliFi router as a mesh point with ethernet backhaul?

  • @james-earl-ford said in Hello! Extension to System, Any suggestions please.:

    I think replacing the Netgear switch with an Amplifi HD in Bridge Mode

    @Steve-May this concept is correct, except don't enable bridge, enable Ethernet Backhaul.
    Doing this will extend the primary network into the second building, but since you have a CAT 6 line ran, it will perform at full strength, just like your main AmpliFi router.

  • @ui-brett Thanks. I was basing my answer on what I have read in the Forums not something I have implemented.

  • I have a similar extension question. I have a new Amplifi Alien in an office and it (by itself) serves an large adjacent auditorium area ok. it's about 20' from another metal building that it won't penetrate very well, but we would like to extend to. I was thinking it would be pretty strong just inside that building and I could add another Alien wirelessly, but there is too little signal. Thus, I can run a Cat6/6a cable from the Amplifi Alien LAN ports into the metal building. So is the best approach to get another Amplifi Alien (add like a meshpoint?) and put in inside the metal building... then wire the Cat cable into the main WAN (bottom) port on it? I'm basically trying to extend my mesh using now a 100ft wired Cat6/6a inside the metal building... Any tips on how to best do this including the type Cat cable? Sounds like I need to use the Ethernet Backhaul setting if the extended Amplifi Alien has that (similar to the Amplifi HD solution above)?

  • Hi @arthur-kenton - adding a second Alien with Ethernet backhaul as you have planned should work out great and CAT 6 is fine (note that your local regulations may dictate plenum rated cable and/or other requirements)

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