Full Mesh network troubleshooting help!!!

  • Hi all, I am part of a small apartment complex where the landlord is running an Amplifi full mesh network on Comcast cable internet specced at 150 Mb/s. I am not completely familiar with all of his specs, but can get any information needed to help troubleshoot.

    Essentially what is happening is the network bandwith just completely dies. On a speed test on a device connected, regardless of range you can see the speed go from ~40 Mb/s to 0, spike up and die again. This appears to be completely random but occur very often. Devices connected directly to the modem have no speed decrease or issue, and the cable line comes direct from the box to the modem, if that matters. Landlord has purchased brand new Amplifi equipment to replace his old one, and we have seen no relief from these terrible spikes. Comcast service has been out 4 times within these past 2 months, replacing things and 'fixing' to no avail. The curious issue here is that every time Comcast leaves, the service is working great. The tech left here today at 1 pm, and everything was great until now. Speed was averaging 800 KB/s. Landlord has rebooted router and speed is now increased to 8 Mb/s, which is acceptable for the amount of people on the network. Reporting software from the mobile app for Amplifi is reporting everything as normal, but you can see on the bandwith monitor that there is very little data floating around. I am fairly tech savvy so I am trying to help the landlord out with this issue, and also get my internet back to gaming speed, however I haven't followed networking since I was in school so it's been 15+ years since I cared about an issue with this depth.

    Any help or input would be appreciated, thanks for reading the rambling.

    Joe in Florida

  • @joe-hennessey is it possible to put the modem in bridge mode and configure the amplfii and the primary router?

  • @joe-hennessey What gateway from Comcast is being used? As @Edward-Dolezal mentioned, one of the devices may need to be put in bridge mode. Especially if there is a modem/router being used.

    Also, how large of a building is this? And how many MeshPoints are being used in the setup? It is important that each MeshPoint has 60% and above for signal quality. If there are a number of people all using the same network speed decreases are expected but having a stable topology is also very important.

    Let us know.

  • @joe-hennessey if I didn't know any better, I'd say you had a network loop, or something very similar.

    When I first set up my AmpliFi I was having the same kind of issues, random but frequent drop outs.. As the AmpliFi was the only thing on my network I changed I was convinced it was this.. However, when I was diagnosing, I hard-wired my MacBook directly into the router with nothing else connected, and it worked flawlessly with no drop outs. I then realised it was something on my network, so I disconnected everything on my network switches and one by one plugged it in (whilst pinging the router). Finally I plugged In my hard-wired AirPort express and realised the ethernet was connected to the WAN port - as soon as I disconnected this my drop outs instantly stopped.

    I'm not sure this is 100% the same as your issue as you believe this is more WAN related, but maybe worth a try?

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