How does this system cost so much?

  • I am on Spectrum 400mbs plan. Before I installed the Amplfi gamer addition my spectrum set up was not horrible, but I could not get wifi in my detached garage so I picked this system up. Now I have wifi in my garage yet my speed on a desktop plugged directly into the Amplfi is 90mbs?????

    There are numerous posts on here talking about how there is an issue with Amplifi and Spectrum. Considering the most recent update did not fix this issue, is AmpliFI going to be refunding peoples money who are out of a return period becuse we were waiting for an update?

    I paid $370 for a downgrade in my wifi, can we PLEASE get an update on this or a means to return the device?

  • Have you tried the lan switch options and the enabling hardware Nat?

  • @sig-sauer You are most likely set on latency mode vs throughput mode. Latency mode limits speeds to about 100mbs.

    To switch the modes go into the AmpliFi app and tap on the router in the center of the app. From there tap on the top option and switch the mode to throughput.

    If you still have issues please let us know!

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