Is there a way to manually trigger captive portal?

  • I'm at a hotel right now that uses a captive portal, but it is not popping. The Teleport fails at the second green circle and then eventually says try again.

    I've tried on an iphone, iPad and Windows laptop using Edge and Chrome and same issue.

    I have no idea how to troubleshoot?

  • @adam-hall-0

    Are you running the 3.1.1 code on it? I haven't had any issues since upgrading to that. In the past I would have to default the thing and then re-pair it via the Amplifi app to the base station after connecting to the internet (I have remote access setup). Granted I've only used on the new code a couple of times but I've had no issues. The last place I stayed was a Sheraton property.

  • yes, it's updated to the 3.1.1 firmware. As an interesting note, while connected to the Teleport, if I open a browser and try going to an IP address (anything works), then the portal redirect does try but then it warps back to the Teleport again. I think this hotel has a double redirect, it trys to connect to one portal then gets redirected again. Might be a DNS or 302 redirect bug.

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