Unlit screen to light up if you touch it

  • I have my touchscreens on minimum light (ie light off) most of the time. One time one was showing as offline and I wanted to see what it was reporting, but it remembered that I had turned the light off on the screen. It beeped in response to my touch but of course I couldn't see it and no way of "speaking" to it via the app to turn the light on as it was offline. I had no choice but to factory reset it. Please can it be so that if you actually touch the screen, even ones with their lights disabled will light up for a minute or so before timing out to dark again.

  • Hi @inge-jones - one option to consider is running Night Mode all the time (I do mine from 00:01 to 23:59)

    Then the screens light up upon being touched or if there is any issues, like no internet connection

  • Ah I will try that as a workaround, thanks 🙂 Though I think I would still also like the option of doing it the way I suggested.

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