Extending Amplifi-Network: another AFI-R or AFI-P?

  • Hey guys, I want to extend my wireless network, I have the Amplifi HD Package with the AFI-R and two AFI-P satellites.

    I read that I can also use another AFI-R Router as a "satellite", so when extending the network, the question is whether I should purchase another AFI-R or another AFI-P?

    The additional AFI-R would NOT be used as an Ethernet Backhaul as I intend to connect it only via WLAN.

    So what is the stronger device when it comes to extending an Amplifi network and what are other advantages/disadvantages? Price-wise, they are close together.

  • @alex-l In this case it comes down to preference, the router has LAN ports that you could use if you needed to wire a device and will offer the ability to use ethernet backbone. The MeshPoints do not have ports and you will not have the option of ethernet backbone, if you do not want these features then the MeshPoint will work fine.

  • @ui-jt How about range and throughput, "wall penetration", are AFI-R and AFI-P on par in these disciplines?

  • @alex-l They both are 3x3 802.11ac with a max TX power of 26Dbm, so that being said they should have the same wall penetration. In my personal preference I would go with the router.

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