Is amplifi a good choice for me?

  • I'm looking to find a wifi setup that will be good for my townhouse which is over 4 floors. Currently the wifi signal is rubbish. How could amplifi help with this?

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  • AmpliFi has options to expand the mesh network by adding additional AmpliFi router or mesh points which can help cover the entirety of your home. If you have ethernet ran to multiple locations in your home, I recommend multiple AmpliFi routers meshed together via ethernet backhaul. This will provide you with the best coverage and best performance.

    If you can describe your layout a little more in detail, we can help you pick which products will be best.

  • Please see my Amplifi HD "First Impressions" post I just made.

    Not a seasoned review, but like yourself I was asking the same question just last week.


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