Band steering and Nintendo switch

  • I noticed that my Nintendo switch seems to be stuck on 2.4ghz after a channel change whiles other devices hit 5 GHz, though I have had the switch connected to 5 GHz before.

    Not sure if there is anything that can be done compatibility wise to improve band steering in that regard.

  • Also I noticed another issue the switch connected to the 2.4ghz band but I have that channel set to 11, the switch reads that it's connected to channel 1, so I'm thinking there is a compatibility issue.
    It's the new revision unit.

    I noticed a new odd quirk today, the switch connected to the 5 GHz last night after I removed the amplfii form pi holes DNS filtering, this morning it had the same issue only connecting to 2.4ghz on the mesh points, I tested both, soon as I put it in docked mode the dock and screen are next to the router, I checked the switch and all of a sudden it was connected to the 5ghz, I'm starting to think to believe the issue is related to the mesh points and band steering or how the mesh points handle it I'm starting to see that is where the issue lies.

  • It may be the new system update 9.0.0 on the switch? I’m not sure but I’ve noticed this too since then. I have the older revision however. I’ll look into it too.

  • I only for the unit recently mine forced me to get an SD card and to update it before I could use it I'm on I'm still having the issue, I noticed something similar with my Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T810) getting stuck on 2.4ghz and I'd have to constantly turn WiFi on and off or forget and re connect the network or turn band steering on and off or reboot the kit inorder for it to work.

    With the switch I noticed it reads as being connected to channel 1 on 2.4 not 11 that it's been set to, some times I noticed it seems to be holding or stuck on 2.4 GHz straight after re connection.

    I did notice a bug in the app it said that my phone (Oppo Find X) was connected to 2.4ghz then when I tap on the phone to see the connection details it said 5 GHz, it eventually corrected itself I still found it odd not the first time it's happened

  • I also noticed my roommate’s switch was exclusively sitting on the 2.4 GHz but I just assumed that it only had a 2.4 GHz radio. For troubleshooting purposes, I only had one AmplifiHD unit without any nodes.

  • @sergiy-rozhdestvenskyy it's dual band I'm still working out on my end how to get it working properly and if there is an issue in configuration that I've done.

  • As an update I'm still getting the connection error where it connects to channel 1 even though 2.4 is set to 11 after two reboots it finally connected to 36 on the 5ghz.

  • I noticed that after I'd did connection to 5ghz and I rebooted it I re connected to 2.4ghz an on the proper channel, but to the closest router not mesh points.

    So I got the switch to for get and reconnect to the network and it went back to 5ghz and connected to the router again.

    So I've concluded that there is an issue with mesh points and band steering.

  • Yep, this is what I’ve noticed as well. I tested it essentially the same way. Weird, that’s for sure 😕

  • @thedoomprogram I have reboot it sometimes, I've had this issue with my Galaxy Tab S2, I noticed it can happen when you change wifi channels also so, in guessing it's to do tiwh band steering and some compatibility issues.

  • I noticed the switch sometimes connects to 5ghz then drops back to 2.4ghz

  • It's now doing the same thing with channel 11 now I have to dock it to get it connected to 5ghz.

  • It’s definitely a mesh point thing I think. The switch just got another update and the behavior is unchanged. However, if I reboot it, it will grab the 5ghz channel, albeit briefly, before just staying on 2.4. Rebooting the AMPLIFI shows no change on which band the switch wants to be on.

  • @thedoomprogram agreed I seem to have the same issue with my Galaxy Tab S2 (SM T810)
    So I hope they can fix it in the next update.

    @UI-JT @UI-Brett any insights you guys could possibly provide?

  • @edward-dolezal @TheDoomProgram So just to clarify, you are seeing this behavior only when the devices (Nintendo Switch and Galaxy Tab S2) are connected to a mesh point? When connected to the primary router it connects to 5GHz and stays?

  • @ui-brett yes it does, for me I noticed that when I dock the switch, that s a limit to the dock it has external power.

    When I put the switch into it, then the switch will connect to the mesh point and sit of 5ghz, it seems to have an issue in portable mode with the mesh points when first powered on.

    In regards to the tablet I noticed that it will intermently drop to 2.4ghz after being connected to 5ghz or when first powered on be stuck on 2.4ghz.

    The work around for me has been to reboot the devices or to turn the WiFi on and off or to forget the connection then re enter the password some times this doesn't work.

    I noticed that after changing wifi channels it can band steering seems to get stuck for most devices and I have to turn the WiFi on and off or turn band steering on and of to get it to kick in and push the compatible devices to 5ghz.

  • I also noticed that the switch reports that is connected to a 2.4ghz channel that I did not set eg I set 2.4ghz to 6 but is connected on channel 1.
    Sometimes it will connect to the correct 2.4ghz channel, others you have to put it I to flight mode to get it I to connect to 5ghz or the correct 2.4ghz, it's like the amplfii is holding the device on a particular band and channel or there is a delay.

  • Pretty much exactly as it was worded before. I notice it happens more on mesh point connections, but Edward is correct in how it is functioning for me too.

  • I suppose it's probably worth mentioning that I experienced and issue with device hand off from router to mesh points and mesh point to mesh point.

    With devices in general that is.

  • @edward-dolezal Is it a lag in update with the app or is it actually not handing off? Can you send supp files? Thanks.

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