Band steering and Nintendo switch

  • I suppose it's probably worth mentioning that I experienced and issue with device hand off from router to mesh points and mesh point to mesh point

  • @ui-jt I sent the files, it went to the support department should I have sent it to your direct email address?

    It has a tendency not to hand devices bettween Mesh points when the signal is better on the mesh points that the router or to the mesh point that's got highest signal strength because it's closer to the device.

    This is aside form the band steering issue.

    Just as an example my switch connected to the router but it's not handing of to the Mesh point, the app told me that it has 47% signal to the router and normally gets 80%+/- to the mesh point from my bed room.

  • Sure thing, I’ll send mine in as well.

  • @thedoomprogram If you send it in please place UI-JT in the subject, I can find it faster that way. Thanks!

  • So as an update it seems that when you change WiFi channels it takes the switch way longer to band steer, I noticed it took me a cooler of reboots and for getting the said and re connect to get it to work, but I noticed it band steerd soon as I changed the MTU on the switch connection to 1500 from 1400 my connection MTU is 1500 I confirm it with Optus I'm on a VDSL2 ipoe connection.

    That the switch had connected to channel 40 on the 5 GHz which I had set it to, down to channel 6 on 2.4 GHz after I had changed the MTU to the correct setting then after several more attempts of reboot and forgetting the network and re connection it finally sat on channel 40, and stuck to the channel permanently while the switch was powered on even while I changed the MTU back to the correct setting of 1500 it defaults to 1400 only Nintendo knows why.

    The one other bug bear is when the device reads that it is connected to channel 11 on 2.4ghz when I set that to 6, I find it quite strange.

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