want to extend my network. Do i need another base station or could I possibly use my old airport extreme?

  • HI, I have the base station and two of the wireless extenders. I need to get internet out to my shop. I have a buried ethernet cable in place. It's to far to try and add the extenders I think. I am wondering can I add an apple Airport Extreme ( I used this before I got the amplifi system) I have on hand to basically act as a base station in my shop that will give me wireless internet or would I need to buy another base station to connect to the ethernet cable I have in place? I have an apple TV connect to one of the LAN ports on the router now and that works fine so I was thinking I could save having to buy another base station since the Airport extreme would do basically the same thing. I'm just not sure how to set this up. Nothing obvious was showing up on the amplifi app

  • @ryan-stratton You can plug the ethernet you buried to the AirPort Extreme, and plug the other end into the back of the AmpliFi HD and that will uplink the AirPort Extreme into the network.

    I'd advise resetting the AirPort Extreme and setting it up again in the AirPort Utility app with "Create Wireless Network". If you use the same Wireless Name (SSID) & Password your devices should roam to that Access Point when nearby.

    It won't be manageable in the AmpliFi App, and will (I believe) just show up as a Wired Device in the Family tab.

    If you want the whole AmpliFi experience, then swap in a AmpliFi HD-R to the end of the ethernet instead of the AirPort Extreme.... It'll show up properly in the AmpliFi app and will properly report when wireless clients connect to that access point.

  • Oh - by the way - on the AirPort Extreme, make sure it's in Bridged Mode NOT DHCP and NAT... this means it's just another WiFi point on your network, and not a router.

    Also - plug the Ethernet in the AirPort Extreme into one of the top 3 LAN connections, not the bottom WAN (beneath the USB).

  • Apologies for rehashing this thread but just wondering if you have seen major speed loss with the above set up in bridge mode. I have been playing with this today, AmpliFi HD ethernet to Airport extreme other side of the house and using a double NAT config DHCP and Nat on the AirPort Extreme pull 300ish download. When in bridged mode drops to 40-50. I will get a second AmpliFi HD R to run backhaul soon but also like the idea of keeping Time Machine etc active.


  • @alex-semprini When your AirPort extreme is in bridge mode? Where are you connected when you test 40-50 is it wired or wireless? Connected to AmpliFi or Apple Extreme?

  • @ui-brett Hi Brett, thanks for the response.

    Yep the AirPort Extreme is in bridge mode, cabled to the AmpliFi HD which is connected to a gigabit connection. Ive renamed the AirPort Extreme network and when connected to that get 50ish mb down in bridge mode, when I switch to DCHP NAT 300ish.

    All wireless. My wired connection directly to the AmpliFi runs 6-700 at the moment, was 8-900 with the old router.


  • @alex-semprini Running a double NAT is not recommended because you run the chance of devices not communicating with each other since they are on different networks, and example would be a printer. Why the airport is not performing when on bridge I cannot say, we could possibly find more information as to why with support files. Could you generate support files for me with the Airport in bridge mode and after running a speed test on a device that is connected to the Airport?

  • Hey Brett,

    Thanks, its actually solved itself weirdly and running 260 ish download for the past week so seems to be fixed. Now to work out why my ethernet connected Apple TV is only getting 620 one every speedtest since I switched to amplify!

    Thanks for your help.

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