Accessing devices connected to ISP router

  • Hi all,

    Before I purchase an Instant Mesh System I would like to clarify something. My understanding from reading the manuals is that I will connect the Instant Mesh device to the Ethernet port of my ISP router/wifi system.
    I have a printer and two workstations connected to the Ethernet ports of that router.

    My question is, will the devices connected to Instant device over WIFI be able to access the printer and the two workstations? I assume that the Instance device will spin another local network and I have already a network formed by the ISP router/wifi.

    Will the Instance device add a static route for that network in order devices connected to it can access it?

    Thanks in advance,

  • @pavlos-parissis In this situation, because you have another router on the network you will want to place the AmpliFi Instant in to Bridge Mode, that way it does not create a double NAT and the AmpliFi Instant will not be assigning addresses. If it is placed into bridge mode, your devices should be able to access the printer and workstations regardless of which access point they are connected too.

    You also have the option to leave the AmpliFi Instant as the primary router and place your existing router into bridge mode.

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