Trouble with IPv6 Verification

  • Hi,
    I'm having issues with Gateway address,
    DNS address, & Internet Connection all asking to verify IPv6 configuration.

    Router however is connecting all devices to the internet & ISP confirm everything is good their end.

    What if anything should I do?

  • @alex-wilson-smale what type of issues exactly are you experiencing with DNS, connection and gateway address?
    Does your ISP provide a modem/router combo or just a modem?
    If it is a combo, which device (theirs or AmpliFi) is placed into bridge mode?
    Do you have IPv6 enabled on AmpliFi?
    Does the ISP have IPv6 as a requirement?

  • I know this topic is old but that's the one pinpointing my situation. The moment I have enabled IPv6, automatic troubleshooting started to throw alerts- even if I have put it to 6to4 so it can fallback without problem.


  • @bel57 Does your network support IPv6? It looks like the IP for your router is a class C IP so you probably have this connected behind another router? You may want to use bridge mode if this is the case.

  • Not it was a direct connection to ISP modem. If 6to4 mode is selected, shouldn't be an issue if there is no native support, right? Anyway, I'll try that again in a few days on a new network after moving out. Thanks for the fast reply, will keep you posted.

    P.S. nevermind, you may be right, ISP modem is also a 2-in-1 router ("Wi-Fi Gateway"
    model SmartRG SR505n)

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