Voting for suggestions

  • If AmpliFi is genuinely interested in receiving suggestions, can we have the ability to vote on suggested features and fixes? This way we can collaborate and provide consistent feedback in one place instead of doing this via multiple forum posts?

  • @mark-miller there is a call for feature requests, thread, I've been told that there probably will be another one soon.

  • That would be nice to be honest. I simply bang the “configurable ipv6” drum every now and again. But at least that would show what the customer wants more effectively than the current “throw it all in a thread and we’ll pick the ones that seem easy” method. I, for one, would just be happy with more concrete road maps.

  • @thedoomprogram @Edward-Dolezal is correct, we are planning on opening up the suggestion voting soon. If you have suggestions, we always like to hear them and document them so please don't hesitate to share! Please check back periodically for the next time we create a call for feature requests.

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