The Feature to be Able to configure one of the LAN ports as a WAN port when Main WAN port dies

  • Well after 2 years of using the Amplifi HD, my WAN port is now crapping out. Just to prevent any comments of troubleshooting suggestion.

    My Amplifi HD router sits behind my main Internet router along with my other networks. Just yesterday, I noticed the alert on my amplifi hd router LCD screen saying the cable has been unplugged. So I did the unplug and plug, and still it would not connect. Hard reset, wiggle the cable, and finally it would connect. Then looking at my main router, I noticed that the connection is no longer operating at 1 Gig negotiation. It's now at 100 Mb. So I switched the cable from another equipment that is also hooked up to my main router and same thing. I even moved to another port (another network equipment was using) on my main router and same thing. So I thought maybe I'm stuck with 100 Mb. Then this morning, the connection died again saying cable is not connected. Reboot the amplifi hd and it came up. Came home from work today and found out that it died again. I do noticed some packet loss going thru the WAN, but no packet lost using the LAN ports. So I thought I would put the Ampli HD in a bridge Mode and use one of the LAN ports as a connection, but that doesn't work that way as it wanted to use the WAN port. Anyway, I have an Ubiquiti edgemax router, and it has an option to make one of the LAN ports a WAN port (usually Ethernet 0 or Ethernet 1).

    So long story is, it would be nice to be able to configure one of the LAN ports on the Amplifi HD as a WAN port for back up. Another gripe I have about you guys selling an expensive residential mesh system at ~$400, you would think the warranty would be at least 3 years and not 1 year. Even a cheap hard drive has a 3 to 5 years warranty. So now I have to look for another mesh system

  • @noah-leech Thank you for your insight. It is strange that the WAN port is so unstable. A good test to make sure that it is undoubtedly the WAN port that is failing is to basically loop an ethernet cable from the LAN port to the WAN port on the AmpliFi. If the plug in cable error shows up at all then we know for sure that the WAN port is faulty.

    I will put you feature request on our feature request list.

    Please reach out to us if you have more questions or concerns.

  • Yes, I have done your testing with multiple cables going from the WAN port to the LAN port of the Amplifi HD and it would fluctuate back and forth that it wanting to connect and then displaying cable is unplugged. This is not my first rodeo in seeing ethernet port going bad. I work for an ISP and i'm constantly working with networking equipment. I have seen our equipment putting at cust prem, mostly the ones mounted outside, and the ethernet port would go bad after surviving several seasons of severe weather. Fortunately our equipment have multiple ports to work with.

    Anyway, my amplifi HD dead as far as the WAN port. And of course, I bought the Kit and so the Antennas are useless now. Few features that sold me: it has big coverage, it was one of the early devices to be able to stay in a mesh network when use it in a bridge mode, and also the Teleport device comes in handy for traveling and able to be on a vpn.

    For now, my amplifi hd will stay in my dead device museum. I can't justify buying another expensive amplifi HD router.

  • @UI-Kevin How is that request going? I too just experienced the same issue 🆘

  • Me too. I just bought another kit figuring for sure they could talk wirelessly or at the very least I could use the other 2 antennas. Nothing doing. I don't get it. Please help us make this feature available!

  • This exact thing happened to me as well. Was working great. Then seemed to bottlenecked to 100Mbps over WAN. Now, is completely dead on the WAN port and there's no way hide the error message and just run it as a router/hub with just the clock showing.

    I don't know what I can do with this other than send it to electronics recycling 😕

  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Router shows "no internet connected" but as long as device is in ARP tables, it still works....a reboot resolves it but it's happening about every 12-16 hours.

    Wish they made a way for us to unbind the meshpoints from the router so we could purchase ONLY a replacement AFi-R.

    Got this device for Christmas of 2019 from my grandfather. He recently passed and there's NO way to get a receipt.

    Ubiquiti has no exceptions to this process. My serial number is showing out of warranty so now not only am I stuck with two unusable meshpoints, they won't replace the last thing my grandfather gave me.

  • I have the same problem. I wish Amplifi would enable users to customize WAN port.

  • @UI-Kevin I have the same issue. My WAN port burned up after two years. I unfortunately bought a new base not realizing the mesh points are unable to be paired with another unit. This bottle neck and f usage for the mesh points seems to be unnecessary.

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