AmpliFi HD vs Gamer’s Edition!

  • After 2+ years, using HD kit and over a year painful time troubleshooting why my Mesh points became slower and slower ... numerous emails with support with no result, I finally gave up and throw them out - meaning burning around $650 CAD!!

    I bought a non-mesh router from TP-Link Archer C5400X. It does what I says on its box so I can enjoy my personal time doing productive things not browsing Internet and searching for my issues with AmpliFi HD router - kind of set it and forget it like with all my Apple routers!! The only trouble was where / how to hide it - unlike Apple routers and well ... AmpliFi’s!! Perhaps, I am getting old but it’s ugly!!
    However, to make sure I have valid reason not to ever recommend this company to anyone, I bought the Gamer’s Edition for testing purposes!!

    Long story short and using it for about 3 days, same exact configuration as HD but I noticed the wireless speed for all my devices and any spot in my studio was about 170/170 Mbps (my Internet speed is 250/250) with either mesh points!!

    Devices connected directly to router shows about 240Mbps.

    My HD router was almost the same - no problem. However, the mesh points were the issue with speed less than 20 Mbps!!

    So, I guess AmpliFi has made a lot of changes to hardware and not just a special firmware with support from Nvidia!!

    Again, same exact configuration and mostly default on both devices.

    On gamer’s edition, for priority, I chose “Throughput”.

    Now, I am wondering how many firmware updates until you kill Gamer’s Edition Mesh Points same as it happened with HD version!!

  • It's probably to do more or less with the changes in the Mesh point hardware, it self for the most part the router is the same as in the regular kit, the preformace issues could just be possible design flaw.

    If you just take a look at how many people complain about WiFi issue on the Asus-Merlin wet forums on small and how may people have "wifi issues" yet there has been no changes to the WiFi driver in over two years it doesn't surprise me anymore when people here complain.

    I'm of the strong belief that future hardware and firmware revisions should iron out the majority of issues people are experiencing or in some cases perceiving that they experience.

  • @google Can you send me a support file so we can review? Thanks

  • Not sure if I mentioned this in one of my posts, but I threw the whole HD kit out of my life!!

    I’m a patient person and a good IT (according to co-workers!!) but over a year trying everything I could (from my side) and also waiting for AmpliFi to perhaps fix things up was a long time!!

    I purchased the Gamer’s Edition just out of curiosity a few days ago and still going strong - me more confused as all (paid) reviews tell us both devices are exactly the same except some design change with Mesh points and in black plus a special firmware for gamers!!

    Based on my testing (over 1 year and different firmwares), the HD base works 100% as advertised. The Mesh Points not!!

    The Gamer’s Edition work 100% and all my 17 something devices connect at max available speed and when moving around my studio I can see how they find the best option to re/connect - both base and mesh points!

    To end my comment, my heart wants to keep the Gamer’s Edition bad - but something in my head tells not to!!

    That’s all, folks! @**** GOOGLE out! 😉

    P.S. Try to bring back 802.11r for GE owners - I have a strong feeling it would work fine not only with Apple Watch but everything else!!

  • Almost 30 days since I bough the Gamer’s Edition for “testing” purposes and also after testing a number of super expensive routers from usual suspects (Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link), I am going to stick with AmpliFi!!

    Although, an IT guy with 18+ years of networking related experience, when it comes to home-sweet-home, I prefer ease of use, stable speed & performance, prompt vendor support, active development (firmware) and 21st century design and more!!

    AmpliFi has delivered it all! Trust me, folks!

    Not shilling because you all own their product anyway - however, if you’re thinking about WiFi 6, wait a year or 2 and get one from AmpliFi!!

    I miss and feel sorry for trashing my original AmpliFI HD!! But, its Mesh Points were the problem and SUCK - unlike this GE version!!

    I’m still not sure what was wrong with mine! A custom firmware cannot make so much difference in speed and stability between these 2 routers!!

    That’s all!

  • @google I think the issue was a defective unit plus the old Mesh points design that was problematic.

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