adding 3rd party router off HD router lan port

  • I have a barn aways from my home with ethernet cable ran out to it. With my old router I was able to add another router via that ethernet cable going lan port to lan port from main router in house to router in the barn.
    I then had 2 seperate wifi systems in place.

    Tried doing it with the Amplifi HD and it does give me eternet in the barn. But it then kills all the wifi in the house. Cant even find it with the phone app.

    Is there something in settings to accomplish this and I dont want bridge mode as I need wifi in both areas.

  • @agen-smith said in adding 3rd party router off HD router lan port:

    lan port to lan port from main router in house to router in the barn.

    Should you be going LAN port on AmpliFi to WAN port on the router in the barn?

  • no wan on this old fiber router. It did work lan to lan on old setup.

  • You sure you want a router in the barn (i.e., a separate subnet with a separate DHCP server in the barn router), as opposed to an access point (i.e., a box that works as a switch - several LAN ports - and broadcasts WiFi on the same subnet as your main router)?

    I use Amplifi HD as my main router, and I have two more Amplifi HD boxes as mesh points with Ethernet backhaul (LAN ports on router to WAN ports on mesh points) in my house. In addition, I have an old ASUS RT-N66U in the garage, connected by Ethernet to the main router (LAN port on main router, and LAN port on ASUS).

    The ASUS is a router, but can be set to act as an access point, which I’ve done. The ASUS therefore extends my network to the garage and sets up WiFi there. I use a separate SSID on the ASUS, since it does not have meshing capabilities together with the Amplifi HD boxes.

    This setup works flawlessly in the garage, and I have meshed WiFi in my house.

    Although I’ve never tried, I suspect that a second router (routers in two layers - cascaded routers) is something that requires careful thinking through and careful setup to work.

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