Amplifi HD unstable after updating to 3.1.1

  • Does anybody know how to roll this unit back to 3.0.0 or 2.9.x ? Been using this on bridge mode. It's been so unstable that iOS devices and my laptop always get dropped. I had to constantly reboot daily. Problem is not happening on my wired devices.

  • @raymond-dy login via webUI, go top right to Support and there is an option to rollback. Never used it so I don’t know how many versions you can go back. But the support team can provide extra details if you want to rollback to a specific version.

  • @raymond-dy having the same problems. Doing a data transfer from one machine through one mesh point disconnects other devices from other points, wan access randomly dropping, etc. All since 3.x. My wife is constantly complaining so I may have to switch to another brand. Tired of debugging and rebooting.

  • @cliff-maier Have you tried rolling back to a prior firmware version to see if the problem gets corrected?

    If it works, I would ask for support files from your setup to test and find out why exactly this is happening so we can provide a solution to this problem.

  • @ui-brett I am on 3.1.1. Unless I am missing something, I can only step back one step at a time? Can I even go back more than one version? The last time it worked reliably was 2.9.x. I have 5 cubes, and rolling back looks painful, unless I am missing something.

    FWIW, it’s pretty repeatable now. I upload 700 files or so to flickr from a wireless client, and all the other clients (and even sometimes the other cubes) start losing their WAN connection.

  • @cliff-maier Whatever firmware you were on last, that's where you would roll back to. So if you are vigilant about updates, you will go back to 3.1.0 and I will have to provide you with manual rollback steps and firmware (not difficult at all and if you want to call in we can even walk you through it).

    If it is easily repeatable, then please cause the issue by uploading the files to flickr then after the devices start losing their connection, gather the support files and provide me with IP address or MAC ID's of those devices.

  • @ui-brett Thanks for the offer. For giggles I replaced the 5 cubes with a base router and three mesh routers from another manufacturer, and I’m seeing double the wifi speed (and so far stable all around), so I may not pursue it further. I really appreciate the efforts you go through to help us out. I just am now too busy to futz with stuff to try and keep it working.

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