Stop selling "locked in" sets

  • I have seen far too many distraught people trying to replace a unit that has failed only to find out they can't without scrapping the whole existing system. It's causing negative feelings towards the company. If you're going to have ready-paired sets at least provide a way of unlocking. I know a compatibility chart exists, but you have to actually look for it, nothing hits you in the face when purchasing saying "beware, if you buy this you can't add or replace any units".

  • @inge-jones or you could just buy the Individual sets of devices like the stand alone units they are available for purchase.

    Also there is multiple threads on the topic, the units are hardcoded to each other, it's done for the purpose of being plug and play or easy to set up on the first use.

    Look I do agree the units should be interchangeable but that would require some sort of paring mechanism which can be tricky or inconvenient for most users who want a quick set and forget process.

    The only way I could see it happening would be some sort of paring code system but then you would have to account for wireless interference amongst other factors.

  • Nothing you or others here say could justify this dreadful state of affairs. Not every one who goes out to buy this kit (which is supposed to be for the not too technically savvy) would search fora and look at that level of technical details before shedding good money on the stuff. Also how would you justify needing to replace a whole kit if you would like a new power adapter?! The whole thing stinks really for those who have spent the money to then get bitten.

  • @ali-hadi That was my point really, you have to go looking. I think most people would not be unreasonable to think they could get replacement parts or units in the case of failure. Not only can the buyer of a set not buy individual units, but they can't even buy a replacement power supply in most countries. And the system doesn't work reliably with other power supplies. Now I am all for the sale of pre-paired sets, but fail to see why there is no mechanism for unpairing - even if it takes some complicated series of taps and presses. At least there could be some support given for doing that process, other than "throw the lot out and start over".

  • @ali-hadi you sound so emotionally hurt by what I said, go do some research, nothing can justify people not reading first or doing research when google exists.

    Nothing can justify your entitled attitude, also please learn to read you seem to be sorely lacking comprehension skills.

    I proposed a possible solution that could be implemented but obviously I guess that your a troll.

    It's extremely obvious that one all the shop sites that sell the device that ive seen offered both kit and stand alone units, people can even email the support department to ask questions it's not that hard.

  • @inge-jones @Ali-Hadi there has been multiple threads on this topic even a feature request if you feel that strongly about it go fine the threads that exist already and go read the response form support or star a new feature requests to have it removed, I just explained something I'm not being justified by me I'm just relaying what has already been said on the matter

    I even proposed a possible fix.

    if you don't like it then go make a new feature request post about it and i will even upvote the feature request to remove the hard coding I'm sure some one has already made a post with the same request.

    If you don't want to bother making the feature request or to so some research I this Forum to see if anyone else has made the same request or the existing threads of people complaining then I strongly advise you to just go and buy a different mesh kit there are plenty on the market.

  • @edward-dolezal "emotionally hurt" and "entitled attitude". Wow....., how about a "gullible customer" like you? What was your solution?? Go and buy the standalone devices? What about those who have already shed good money on the kit without knowing that they cannot use their mesh points with anything other device if the router goes wrong. How about you showing us your fantastic comprehensive skills and point me to one shopping website were it clearly states that the kit is locked and not compatible with other devices from the same range?

  • @edward-dolezal I am just trying to help. I have had no trouble at all with my amplifi devices, and am very pleased I found them. I merely think it's a pity that there is negative "noise" outside these forums that could so easily be turned around by just two not unreasonable or particularly expensive changes to the company's operations. My feedback is intended to be constructive. I don't care how many threads there are on the topic, I have not seen anything in the forum rules to prevent me posting about a topic that has already been discussed. Please update the rules if you feel there needs to be a change.

  • @edward-dolezal I leave you alone on the forum for two seconds and you’re out here causing trouble 😉 I will upvote the suggestion, and I understand everyone’s concerns, but in my experience, they are pretty well built units with a pretty decent customer service experience. I think they’d take care of ya if one unit was being defective, even as that they are hard locked together, heck they might even replace a whole system given the coding choice. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s been my experience anyway that they go above and beyond. Otherwise, you can always pick up an instant router. I find they work very well too as additional mesh points, and aren’t hard coded like that. 🙂

  • @ali-hadi Why didn't you ask the retailer or amplfii in the first place about it if the kits can have parts changed before you bought it, I did before I purchased it so how does that make me gullable just because I disagree with your unreasonable attitude, why don't you go back and read what I said to see the solution I propose, mabye instead of saying nothing can convince me, you should ask the developers or actually make a feature request post like other people have, the more people that support it the faster it will get attention that's just how it works here.

    But knowing that you won't re read my post just for your benifit this is my solution in greater detail:

    Just like the new beta firmware has a paring code system for the teleport feature my suggestion to amplfii is instead of a hard coded unit have pairing code system the main router will issue a paring code that is numberical eg 45893 and the mesh point or point will prompt the user to enter the code via the app since the code appears on the main display when you set it to the paring mode this could all be done in a firmware update.

    The only issue is that the mesh points use Bluetooth to connect to the main router, and I've seen so many people leave the Bluetooth enabled on thier phones and devices, which can cause issues with pairing the mesh to the kit if there is enough devices with in proximity not to mention other 2.4ghz signals such as WiFi my ASUS router has a co existence option to minimise such interference.

  • @thedoomprogram lol sorry I can't help it I spend too much time on the Asus Merlin wet forums where people ask 50 K times the same questions about a router being supported or WiFi having issues when the WiFi driver hasn't changed in over one year😔

    Also they will replace the whole kit if it goes bad that's what happened when they recalled my kit before because of some plug issue in the mesh points they offered me an advanced RA as in they will send a new one, but I have to send the old one back straight away, or the swap over which I opted for take it to an authorised seller and they give me a new kit on the spot.

    I believe as a re assurance to people they should have a 3-5 year warranty on the kits, my ASUS RT-AX 88U has a 3 year warranty it's on the box.

    Full kit replacement warranty should be in the box with the kit or even a lifetime warranty of 10 years like my power supply on my pc, surely then people can rest easy have it on the box and in advertising with full kit replacement as the process if it fails.

  • @inge-jones not saying that you can't discuss it, in saying that you need to have them add your voice to the existing request to have it removed, discussion is all well and good but it won't push them to carry it out.

    I'm not against the removal of the hard coded paring I'm a full supporter of having it removed, there is a better way to go about doing it rather than to say stop doing X, it's sometimes better to ask can you do Y instead.

    My point is the more people the Devs have listed as supporting the removal of the current method of kit paring the better.

  • @edward-dolezal I too did research before buying and found out in advance that I needed to avoid the sets if I wanted full flexibility later. However, unlike the Unifi range, these are intended as basic consumer/domestic market and as such they are attracting buyers who have less technical experience. That makes it right to continue to sell pre-linked sets for simplicity of setup, but not ok to not give them a way to be unlinked, or not to make it very clear on the outer packaging that the parts of the set are not replaceable. The world doesn't revolve around people like you and me who enjoy google research and reading support pages in advance of every purchase. Also could I gently point out, as you chided me for starting a new thread about an existing topic, that you've just committed the "sin" of hijacking a thread about hardlinked sets to talk about a problem with bluetooth, which is also not great forum etiquette 😛

  • @inge-jones give the guy some credit for the ability to get personal and for being a master in waffle talk (or as you guys in the US call it BS talk).

  • @inge-jones I was merely trying to point out that there is an answer form the Devs already, and in order to help it be pushed forward, it's best to have your voice add to the existing request to have the hard coding removed it's probably the best bet to push it forward, it would help to resurrect the thread.

    I already had mine added before when the topic first came up, also there is a soon going to be a call for feature requests, which we hopefully can have this pushed hard at that time.

    I have a personal habbit of contacting the retailer or manufacturing company before I buy something if I'm not sure I remember I did that before I bought my old Netgear router i was looking for a feature on it at the time, and I couldn't find it on the box.

  • @ali-hadi and what solutions have you provided other than whinging and saying that nothing can convince you of anything I should give you credit for procrastination, and having a whinge instead of action.

    All you did has been complain the accuse me of "BS" talk great projection.
    I see you have run out of useless talking points, why don't you go and make a a feature request to have the hardcoded paring removed if you feel so strongly about the issue, instead of posting here, and wasting your time.

    So I'm waffling and getting personal right, just because I call you out on your response, because you posted that you are not open to discussion, right.

    Because you said that nothing can convince you about the state of affairs, how come you don't just go out and replace the device then.

  • @edward-dolezal I shall not waste any breath replying to you anymore as it is not worth it at all. I have clearly made my point and will leave you here to pursue your dreams of a solution with the developers while I go "whinging" elsewhere with the people that have lost their real and hard earned money.

  • @ali-hadi I think the developers are interested in hearing our suggestions. Of course only they can know if the changes we request are viable within their business model. I do think personal recommendations on the web and social media are valuable, and I am sure they'd always want to know if there is anything putting people off that they could turn around.

  • @inge-jones Totally agree with you there although one cannot help but think that profiteering and planned obsolescence are significantly at play here given the amount of complaints reported on these and other technical fora (have a look at Reddit) with no action taken to attempt to rectify (or even justify) these poor decisions. How can anyone claim it is down to technical aspects when we have perfectly working standalone units that have exactly the same functionality but without screwing the unaware customers? Also how can anyone anticipate that their expensive kit can be rendered useless because they are unable to replace their power brick? As you have very rightly suggested these are big sour grapes in what could otherwise be a very positive customer experience. Mine and other people's criticism is nothing to do with whinging but to to try and see if someone would eventually take notice having had all the previous calls falling on completely deaf ears. Moreover, it is vital to put these issues and complaints in black and white on these fora and to make our dissatisfaction with these aspects completely clear for the sake of people who are thinking of taking the plunge (and who might look at these fora prior to parting with their money). I still recommend AmpliFi to friends but would never advice anyone on buying the kit. I would need to also ask people who read this to withhold on making any purchase until the power supply units become available again (if this is to ever happen).

  • @ali-hadi What point, that you are here just to complain rather than contribute to a solution, like I've said multiple times, all it takes is more upvotes to the existing feature request, to have get the developers attention to get a fix, how about you pm them and ask them to remove it, I'm sure they are willing to listen and can push it forward as a priority task.

    But you do realise that there are more important issue they have to deal with like fixing the compatibility issues with apple devices which always seem to be hitting bug reports, or the disconnects that people are experiencing or the 50,000 other features that people are asking for, it just comes down to which problem is needed to be addressed first.

    I wish you the best of luck in the future with what device or mesh kit you choose in the future I hope that is more suitable for your needs.

    Also the Devs started already that they will support the devices along as people use them, which is subject to their discretion.

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