Stop selling "locked in" sets

  • Just wanted to put in my two cents, that feel you all's pain. My amplifi HD WAN port has died after 2 years. The wireless function for the router is still working, but without the WAN port, i have no wired connection. So it's now useless. Yes I bought the Kit and so the Antennas are useless too. I could salvage the amplifi router by buying another router and put that one as a mesh point, but I can't justify buying an expensive device that doesn't have a backup option on it. So yes, i wish they would come up with an earlier plan to not lock the antennas and to have a feature for the LAN port to be able to communicate as a WAN port. Also, the Warranty needs to be at least 3 to 5 years just like a pc hard drive.

  • I can see reasoning for the OPs request. Linking units together is something we do when we buy individual units. It would be nice for sets to be sold pre-linked.

    The confusion seems to be, is why is that link permanent? Because of the factory reset, the ultimate support agent handoff. They love that feature because for a moment it separates them from the problem you are having and it can be used for any situation. Cat can't get WiFi on his bird watching iPad? "Factory reset everything you own and call us back!". That could be hours of feet in desk head back time for the agent.

    Ever contact them and mentioned you already did that? So do it again and call us back! Or maybe "we don't see that in our system, can you do it again?"

    So, think of ma and pa Kettle... They have to factory reset and some how know to re-link the devices? A process they never performed? Ouch.. that is going to lead to more time consumed by the agent.

    So maybe having an option to break the link involving having to upload a custom fw would work. It might show the user is enpt enough to handle it with clear warnings that if anything goes wrong it's on you, as the user and to please, perform a factory reset before calling!

  • @michaele
    I agree and understand what you are saying. I have worked as phone support and there is nothing worse than knowing that a factory reset will fix one thing, but berak a bunch of other things!
    I think having two reset modes would be a good idea. Keep the normal "hold reset for 10 seconds" process but add in a "hold reset for 60 seconds" to switch to a temporary unbound mode. Best of both worlds.

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