Slow Wifi with Fios Gigabit

  • I have just purchased amplifi HD router and 2 mesh points.
    I have Fios Gigabit.
    Wired i to fios router i get close to 900mb.
    Wired to Amplifi HD router i get close to 800mb.
    Wifi within inches of the Amplifi HD router i get 450mb max, everywhere else 200mb max.
    Wifi within inches of the Mesh points i get 150-200mb, everywhere else from mesh points i get 100-150mb.

    I have to use bridge mode since i have the fios router as primary with Fios TV/Phone. But Hardward NAT is one prior to going into bridge mode.

    Is this expected, should i not be expecting more? The range of the system is great and covers my entire house without issue or drops. But would love more throughput.

    Can someone who has experience with FIOS setup help me understand if this is my limit or what are my options. Should i replace the meshpoints and get 3 amplifi hd routers instead hooked up via ethernet?

    Please HELP!

  • Scott - Your FiOS setup appears to be OK. Your wireless throughput will depend primarily on two factors 1) the wireless device and standard you are using and 2) the distance of the wireless device from your wireless router. 450Mbps is about normal for an 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless device at very close range; and your 200Mbps speeds for devices connected at a distance from your HD router seem reasonable. The Mesh points will usually provide slower wireless connections for 5GHz connections because the Mesh point (normally) connects wirelessly to the HD on the 5GHz band which reduces your apparent throughput by about 50% on the 5GHz connection. Three HD routers connected with wired ethernet would provide higher wireless speeds at the Mesh locations, but you still will still find it difficult to get a wireless connection above 450Mbbs. The following link provides a simple overview of the wireless speeds for different wireless standards.

  • @fred-kinder-0, I am using 802.11ac on all wireless devices i tested with, whether it be a 2017 MacBook Pro or an iPhone 11 Pro. My mesh points all show 100% connection to the hd router.

    So seems like i should return the kit and get 3 HD routers instead? Will i get as good coverage/Range from the routers?

    I thought i saw on here that people with gigabit, whether Fios or some other carrier were getting higher wireless speeds than what you are stating or did i misread that?
    So should i not be expecting more?
    Would i get more if i wasn't in bridge mode?

  • @scott You already know that the difference between hardwired to FOS and hardwired to AmpliFi HD in only about 11%, so taking the HD out of bridge mode won't buy you much performance. The important thing is that 802.11ac has a theoretical maximum of around 433 Mbps per antenna, but you will seldom achieve the theoretical maximum under normal, everyday, conditions. iPhones have 2 wifi antennas and Macbook Pros have 3 wifi antennas, so your theoretical maximum for the iPhone is 866 Mbps. Using the AmpliFi app, you can observe the theoretical maximum for any connected device by looking at the Rx/Tx Bitrates for the connected client under the Advanced>>Client Details. For example, my iPhone Xr has a Rx Bitrate of 866.7 Mbps when connected to my HD at a distance of 2 to 3 feet, at 10 feet (line of sight) it drops to 650.0 Mbps and at 25 feet (line of sight) it drops to 526.5 Mpbs and at 35 feet (line of sight) it drops to 390.0 Mbps and these readings are line of sight with no obstructions. Insert 1 interior wall between the HD and the iPhone and the reading at 10 feet drops to 468.5 Mbps, about a 28% decrease in throughput compared to no wall at 10 feet. My point in all of this is to emphasize the fact that under real world conditions you will not achieve theoretical maximum wifi speeds beyond a few feet. This little exercise only takes into account two variables 1) iPhone distance from HD and 2) the absence or presence of an interior wall.

    I would suggest, that before you make any more significant changes to your network that you download a free copy of NetSpot from ( there is an older version of the fee-based NetSpot on the Mac App store for $8) and perform a site survey of your facility/residence to see what factors, walls, obstructions, interference, etc. will have an influence on wifi performance at your location.

  • @scott said in Slow Wifi with Fios Gigabit:

    So seems like i should return the kit and get 3 HD routers instead? Will i get as good coverage/Range from the routers?

    To piggyback on what @Fred-Kinder-0 has said (thank you for such a detailed and elaborate answer!) The AmpliFi HD stand alone router will have a better processor than the wireless mesh points which can help with performance. Also, will have 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports meaning you can eliminate additional wireless hops from your devices to the network as well as use the Ethernet Backhaul option if you have ethernet lines ran throughout your home.

  • Thanks Everyone. So i think what i am getting from all of this is that this is the best my wifi is gonna get with the current setup. I am not saying that i am not happy with it or that i have had any connection problems at all, actually the amplifi system has been great in terms of range, coverage for my house and stability. I have heard zero complaints from my kids about the wifi being an issue.

    I just really wanted to make sure that i was getting the most throughput possible and it looks like i am pretty close. My (7) wyze & (4) ring cameras have never worked so reliably. I have fully coverage on all 3 floors of my house, including outside to well across the street, but i dont need the outside since i have a wired outdoor access point already.

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