Very slow wired perf on Amplify HD Gaming edition with new Ubee modem / Spectrum

  • I have been noticing for the last several months my wired connection topping out at 78Mbs on my 200Mbs Spectrum connection. Recently they changed plans and raised prices, so negotiated at least an upgrade to 400Mbs for a good price, then they said my modem was not good enough to go above 200... so I switched back to using their modem. Just installed (Ubee E31U2V1) and still see 77Mbs through my Amplifi HD Gaming edition direct wired. So hooked my PC directly to the Ubee modem and after resyncing, 400Mbs solid download. Put the Amplifi HD back in, 78Mbs solid. And it's not intermittent either, it's like something is throttling at 78 exactly. Goes there right away and stays for the entire test. Tried another wired port on the Amplifi, no improvement. Interestingly getting 78Mbs on wireless too. Anybody else?

    Also, on a side note, I've never gotten the internal test to run fast even on my older Amplifi HD I had. At the moment it seems to be less consistent and also tops out at 75 to 80 Mbs which seems to match what my PC can get to another site using Spectrum speedtest.

  • There's some strange connection / speed issues with spectrum. Most complaints or issues come from people with the gig plan. I believe they're still looking into this! I'd suggest try turning hardware NAT on.

  • Thanks for the input. Already tried hardware NAT mode and made no difference, still topped at the same 78 Mbs.

  • @louis-capps said in Very slow wired perf on Amplify HD Gaming edition with new Ubee modem / Spectrum:

    77Mbs through my Amplifi HD Gaming edition direct wired

    AmpliFI Gamer's Edition in Latency mode sets Mbps cap at 100. 77 is still short of the 100, but have you tested on both latency mode as well as throughput mode? Curious to know, because I have seen varying results with different tests, but what speedtest websites were you using?

    @Tristan-Baptist is correct, there are certain ISP's that create some issues for some of our customers and we are currently working on finding a solution, but in most instances it is only with gig services.

  • @ui-brett Thanks, that was it. In throughput mode I see 480 Mbps download with the Spectrum speedtest to the Austin Sprint site consistently which is the same test I was running before and getting78 Mbps.

    Putting back to latency mode it shows 92 Mbps (vs the 78 Mbps from before). I'm assuming this cap is different now since maybe the last time I tried putting it in latency mode it saw slower speeds during the internal speed test and it picks the cap for latency mode based on that test?

    Interestingly when I do the switch back to throughput, the internal test only shows 154Mbs on the app even though I can get 480Mbs from the speedtest on my system.

  • @louis-capps-0 The internal speed test is currently being worked on and some users are reporting discrepancies just like you are, so you are probably one of the users that are seeing this error.

    In terms of the cap being set, it is by default set to 100Mbps but can be modified if you choose by accessing the WebUI. (See the bottom options when device is in latency mode)
    0_1571932808693_Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 11.59.52 AM 2.png

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