Very slow wifi on all devices, wired is fine.

  • I just bought amplifi instant on October 19, set up a new network and password but everything connected wirelessly will not get over 20mbps using the speed test app. I have a 300/300mbps fibre connection. Doing a speed test through the amplifi app, It will never go over 150 up or down. The mesh box is maybe 20ft away on a different floor but the signal is somewhat weak. 80% on 2.4 and less than 40% signal on 5ghz, not sure if that is normal.

    The fibre modem is connected to an ISP provided router with bridge mode enabled, and that is connected to the amplifi router.

  • @nick-leblanc Hi Nick, are you connecting to the AmpliFi router directly or a MeshPoint? Also what are you using to do speed tests?

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