Apple laptop not connecting after sleep

  • I'm running an AmpliFi HD on version 3.1.1 for a few weeks. I'm using a single AmpliFi HD. WiFi signal strength is pretty good across most of the common areas of the home.

    The modem/router is supplied by my ISP, Optus. Its a Netgear CM500V-1STAUS. It is in bridge mode and wireless is turned off

    I have a series of Apple iPhone and iPads connecting wirelessly just fine. Also a series of streaming boxes connected via wired working fine.

    My Apple laptops though are giving me grief. When coming out of sleep/hibernation they can not connect to wireless. The fix is the toggle wifi off and on. I have one 2019 model (runs Mojave) which is not experiencing the issue, but three other older units are struggling after sleep.

    I found a previous post on this issue but it was over 2 years since any update and there was no resolution.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

  • @garry-voutos My Apple laptop is also on Mojave so I cannot replicate this issue. My recommendation is to generate support files after attempting to wake your laptops and they do not connect. This was we can research and see if there is anything causing this on our end

  • Thanks I will do that. I don't think it is just a wake from sleep issue.

    I just re-started the laptop and same issue. The Amplifi app on my iPhone says the laptop has a 5GHz connection but the laptop says its not connected to the internet. I connect the laptop to a 2.4GHz only SSID and it works fine after a few seconds. I then switch back to 5GHz and it works. Its not consistent.

    Standby for support files later this weekend. Thanks again.

  • I've sent support files.

    I ran a test just now: two Apple laptops side by side. One 2014 model running Catalina and one 2018 model running Mojave. Inconsistent results: either I had to turn wifi off then on to get internet access, or wait up to 5 minutes. Both laptops report wifi connection and DHCP IP address straight away. I also have an iPhone running a continuously with no issues.


  • In case it helps anyone in the future, the problem appears fixed.

    I factory reset the Amplifi and started again. I notice the device had an IP address of I then remembered I have another small router connected to the home alarm with the same address.

    When I changed the Amplifi to 192.168.2.x all devices started to connect fine. Speed varies inside the house as I would expect, but there are no issues connecting to Wifi and getting an internet connection.


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