Amplifi Mesh Routers Disconnecting and Loosing WIFI

  • AMPLIFI cubes keep disconnecting from the main AMPLIFI router and say “connecting” after several hours of working properly. I have to reboot the main router and then the others reconnect. AMPLIFI channels are set to 11 and 161. SONOS is on channel 6. I have the AMPLIFI HD kit with two sticks as the main router and several other Amplifi HD cubes and 1 additional meshpoint stick as extenders.

    I was told I can use the Amplifi HD Kit as a main router but not to extend an existing Amplifi HD network. I was also told I can extend the Amplifi HD Kit with additional Amplifi HD cubes and Meshpoints. That is what I am doing.

    3 of the Amplifi HD routers are hard wired and set up as backhaul, and 2 are wirelessly connected. I also have another stick in addition to the two that came with the original kit.

    When the remote routers and meshpoints all disconnect, the main router still has its Wi-Fi connection and a working wired internet connection.

    I have a Mac and run diagnostics on the Wi-Fi when the problem happens. Even though I have configured amplify to run on channel 11 and 161, the sticks all say they’re communicating on channel 1. Why is that?

    It feels like at least part of the problem is a channel conflict but I can’t seem to figure it out even with changing the channels.

    I have stress tested it by turning on all the Sonos players at one time, and this seems to accelerate the problem. Again, Sonos is on channel 6. I have set Sonos to communicate on its own network and not use Wi-Fi.

    BTW, SONOS is running on its own network on channel 6, not on wifi. All SONOS devices are set up with reserved IP addresses.

    I also have RING and NEST cameras and other home automation devices (Casseta, Phillips HUE, Amazon Alexa)


    Network name: BARN
    COMCAST ROUTER Set up without SSID Broadcast.
    11 2.4GHz
    161 5 GHZ

    SONOS Channel 6 2.4GHz

    Channel 11 2.4GHz
    161 5 GHZ

    I have been struggling with this problem for over a month with different calls to the support center with no results. Please give it attention and help me solve this problem.

  • @richard-hoynes Hi Richard, do the wired AmpliFi Mesh routers go into a "connecting" status as well? Follow the steps in this article to move your AmpliFi to a different channel Also are you using a Sonos Bridge?

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