Amplifi HD Router Ethernet backhaul setup.

  • Hi all,

    I recently setup 3 x Amplfi HD Routers as a wireless mesh system (1 Router and 2 AFI Routers as wireless mesh points). All worked well with great performance and the bonus of having LAN ports for Sonos Amps etc. Now I have another setup similar to the previous one with the exception that 1 x AFI will be setup as a AFI Ethernet Backhaul device. My question is: will the AFI Ethernet Backhaul device mesh to the second "AFI router as a mesh point" through wireless connectivity? Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of testing and any suggestions and tips will be much appreciated.

  • @prime-computers Hi, if you have a router set up in Ethernet backbone mode your other AmpliFi Mesh devices can use this Ethernet backbone device as their wireless back-haul.

  • @ui-jt Thank you for your post. I'll be installing and configuring later this week, hopefully all goes well.

  • @prime-computers Let us know if you need any further help!

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