Work VPN won't stay connected

  • Unable to keep a solid VPN connection on my work PC. When hardwired, works just fine. Also works on other wireless just not on my home mesh. All other wifi connections are good.

  • @carnell-chappelle-jr Can you please share some more information so I can help diagnose this with you. Was the VPN connection working prior too and some event caused this issue?

    When you are connected wirelessly, is it connected to a mesh point or the primary router?

  • I'm able to log in to my works VPN. If I'm idle, I can keep the connection (for the most part). If I'm pushing emails or any size files, the connection stays but the pushing of data stops. If I'm on a Skype meeting, that will drop out. My VPN connection say's connected, but my outlook shows "limited connectivity". The only way to solve is to recycle the VPN connection but that is only a temp fix as it keeps happening every 10 minutes.

    All my other WIFI connections have been via a router not a MESH setup

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