Firmware v3.1.2

  • AmpliFi firmware v3.1.2 has been released

    Release notes:

    • Devices on your local AmpliFi network can now access an internet connection on a remote AmpliFi router using AmpliFi Teleport Router to Router
    • Improved stability when using IPv6
    • Minor enhancements and fixes

    AmpliFi Teleport: Router to Router

    Thank you!

  • @ui-brett
    Hi brett, since the 3.1.2rc2 update and with the last 3.1.2 the local function does not work anymore.
    The application tells me that I connect locally but in fact it is not true.
    1_1572387296365_Screenshot_20191029_225931_com.ubnt.teleport.jpg 0_1572387296365_Screenshot_20191029_225144_com.cvinfo.filemanager.jpg 0_1572387319819_AFi-R-HD_f09fc2d3bf55_2019-10-29_22-56-04-enc-cluster.tar0_1572387400396_AFi-R-HD_f09fc2d3bf55_2019-10-29_22-56-04-enc-cluster.tar

  • @sylvain-levacher Thank you for sharing! We will look into this now. What service/app is this you are trying to use that requires LAN access?

  • @ui-brett
    I use "Smart File Manager" that worked correctly with the old firmware

  • Can we stop our ISPs from spying us now by changing the IPv6 DNS addresses?

  • Just a question will bridge mode eventually get support for the teleport features like the router to router teleport for example?

    Also the app based VPN works sweet in bridge mode thank you soon much.

  • @edward-dolezal As of right now, bridge mode support is not being worked on, but here is a solution for our customers who have their home AmpliFi network and remote AmpliFi network in bridge mode.

    Use an AmpliFi Instant as your remote teleport device, connecting it to any network when you travel, even to another AmpliFi network in bridge mode. The AmpliFi Instant would be configured as its own network, left in DHCP mode. By doing this you could then create a Teleport tunnel to your home network which is placed into bridge mode. Then simply unplug the Instant and take it with you when you travel to your next destination.

  • @ui-brett thank you. can you please elaborate on this setup as I do not yet have an AmpliFi Instant. Do you set it up at home first in DHCP mode atached to your Main router which is working in bridge mode for it to then work anywhere? Also how would the Instant then connect to the remote network if the latter does not have wired connection (like most hotels nowadays)?

  • @ali-hadi Whether you set it up at your home network prior to traveling or on the remote network does not matter, just make sure you have remote access enabled on your home network so you can generate the Teleport code. As long as the Instant (or AmpliFi HD will work as well, the Instant is just a little cheaper and more portable) is NOT in bridge mode, it will work.

    Also how would the Instant then connect to the remote network if the latter does not have wired connection (like most hotels nowadays)?

    This would not be an option using this setup because it would require the AmpliFi Instant to be configured in 3rd party extender mode since no ethernet connection is available, and the Teleport feature is not available in the 3rd party extender mode.

  • @sylvain-levacher Can you try to ping the IP address the location trying to access from your mobile phone using any Android app which allows to run ping?

  • @ui-brett thanks for the detailed explanation of the teleporting process.

  • @ui-brett Hi Brett
    I get to Ping the elements of my local network.

    I then looked for what was the problem. This is my "Smart File Manager" application that behaves differently when I connect to either my Teleport Device or my Teleport App.

    when I connect via the Teleport Device the "Smart File Manager" application automatically scans the local network and sees the servers.
    When I connect with the Teleport App the "Smart File Manager" application does not see them and I am forced to manually fill in the domain information for it to work.

    That's Ok for me, the problem was not coming from the Teleport app.

  • @ui-brett Just wanted to say that this update increased my speeds for the first time 3.0.0 came out and seemed to increase the thru-put. I'm just a plain user, not an IT pro, so I don't have analytics to back up my impressions. I'm an old Airport Extreme user who likes to set it and forget it. I've been waiting for feedback about this update and couldn't find any, so I thought I would put up a positive review.

  • @ui-brett is the a power plug or instant compatible with power points or power in the Philippines, or a retailer there where one can be purchased by any chance?

    I know that most Aussie devices work there power wise with an adaptor just wondering if there was anything localised that could be utilised, because now I'm looking into it after you gave me the idea.

  • @imamacnewbie Thank you for sharing your success story! Out of curiosity, who is your internet service provider and what speeds are you seeing on your network after this update?

  • @edward-dolezal The Pilippines uses either type A (North-American standard) or type C (European style), which you can get for the AmpliFi Instant. The power adapters are rated for 100-240v which should work anywhere you travel (as long as you have the physical adapter to fit the outlets in the area you are traveling)

  • @ui-brett also does the Instant unit accept the more universal power supply adapters or is it as fussy as its older brother and need its own bespoke power supply? I am also thinking of getting one for travel but would rather only carry one universal power supply.

  • @ali-hadi It uses the same power supply as the AmpliFi HD, which can now be purchased from our store if you need an extra for travel. But yes, it is still recommended to not use a 3rd party power supply, even with the AmpliFi Instant.

    You can however use most universal travel adapters to convert the outlet type for wherever your travels may take you, since it has 100-240V~ for its input.

  • @ui-brett Thank you. One final question about travel with AmpliFi. Does using the various methods of the original Teleport, the Instant router or the HD router make any difference to the speeds and throughput acheivable when teleporting. I would obviously try and acheive the highest trasnfer rate possible within the tepeorting tunnel.

  • @ui-brett Provider is Comcast, Blast tier service(200 mbps). Wired directly I'm getting 238 mbps down/11.7 up and in the same room I'm getting 235/11.7 via Wi-Fi. Two rooms away it's falling to 145 mbps, but that's an improvement from the approximately 115 I was getting prior to the update. Unfortunately we have a large brick fireplace in the center of our home and the cable comes into the house at one end of the structure, so we think the fireplace is a huge impediment to consistent speeds. Setup is 2 mesh routers and 1 mesh point

    I'm hoping to upgrade to 1 Gb fiber(CSpire) in the next month or so and that's actually why I bought the Amplifi HD. I'm hoping that the speed reports here for fiber are better than has been reported elsewhere.

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