Firmware v3.1.2

  • @ui-Brett - will using the RAAT be faster than the old standalone Teleport? Thinking so since there’s less WiFi involved, but also wondering about any other improvements. (i.e. encryption, etc.)

  • @chris-burkart The actual process for connecting and managing is far better and a lot less clunky. I don't know if you have had an opportunity to use the Teleport hardware prior too, but creating a connection was not as simplistic to match what AmpliFi is known for.
    In addition to that, the performance of using router to router has been shown in some scenarios to provide better performance than the Teleport hardware.

  • When will router to router be supported in bridge mode if you don't mind me asking?

  • @ui-brett Using either an AFI-R or Instant both require a wired WAN connection correct?

  • @brandon-shiers said in Firmware v3.1.2:

    Using either an AFI-R or Instant both require a wired WAN connection correct?


  • Hi @ui-brett - since we know a double NAT works for Teleporting, and currently DHCP is required on the remote end, please consider allowing a router that has been installed in 3rd Party Router Wireless Mesh Point mode to have a feature which turns on a new SSID with it's own password (for security) and DHCP server enabling it to become a new form of HW Teleport that doesn't require wired WAN, and optionally ties the LAN or the WAN port to the Teleportation side

    This would essentially make it equivalent to the HW Teleport just prior to the final push to fix usability issues
    It wouldn't have a solution for getting through portals, but it gets us a lot closer, and you could work on implementing things like the portal fix later

    As you make the Teleport App and Teleporting in general more popular to the marketplace, a version of a true HW RAAT could interest a lot of people

  • @derek-saville said in Firmware v3.1.2:

    This would essentially make it equivalent to the HW Teleport just prior to the final push to fix usability issues

    I agree with a true HW RAAT. Anymore Wireless WAN connectivity is a must. It's just a shame that the HW teleport has died. It had such promise.

  • @UI-Brett just got a mesh point today. Firmware installed is 2.9.1 and I want to go to 3.1.2

    I”ve tried upgrading, but only version 3.3.0 is avail. Once Upgraded to 3.3.0, there is No other option to go to 2.9.1. (I was under the impression that 3.1.2 could be accessible this way...)

    The big question How can I get 3.1.2 for a mesh point unit? If not, can a mesh point work ok being at higher version than the router?


  • I have reverted to this version. All follow ups - 3.3.0, 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 - had problems with sporadic Mesh Points slow down requiring reboots on a daily basis. This was stable and I hope it still is!

    Update: back on 3.4.1, since in the end 3.1.2 did not do much better. This all might have been interference from a LiIion chaser about 6 ft on the other side of the wall (outside.) I moved it further away and will keep monitoring.

  • Hello Mr Striepe. Please tell me how you did you revert to 3.1.2 please?

  • @René-Guitar If it is working, stay on v2.9.1. Even 3.1.2 has issues.

  • @Darryl-Bond You need to contact support to get a download link. They will tell you the instructions to use the web interface to download the firmware file to the router.
    They also had me put the mesh points in recovery update mode. This works, but you then have to do a factory reset with both meshpoints and router to set them back up and get them to connect.
    An alternate is to use the web interface of the router and click on the mesh points to download the mesh point firmware file from there. In that case the routers and mesh points stay linked.

  • @Harald-Striepe I’ve stayed on 2.9.1! But since 3.4.1 is out I jumped in. So far, so good. Thanks!

  • Given the relative stability and performance of v3.1.2, is there any chance that Amplifi would consider backporting the security fixes in 3.4.x to 3.1.2 so that users can stay on this more stable and performant version while gaining the additional security that's been added to 3.4.x.

  • @Matthew-Leeds OK, no answer or response on this. How about making a download of the v3.1.2 firmware available in case we need to do a firmware restore as the result of an unfortunate incident. That version seems to be where folks with issues eventually roll back to, and offering a packaged way to do so would be a nice gesture.

  • If you contact support they'll send you the link and instructions, no problem. It is odd that firmware isn't available to grab as needed, as most manufacturers do, for worst cases and easy reversing out of problems. I'm just rolling back my devices now to 3.1.2.

  • It might be interesting to revert to pre 3.x, if possible. I'd be willing to try 2.9.5. Of course, the reversion would likely not be easy.

  • Well I've done the roll back to 3.1.2 for my 2 routers and 3 mesh points, and sanity has returned. The network is nice and calm, and connections speeds are up - for my 99Mbps FTTN connection I'm now getting 91Mbps wireless rather than the 70-80Mbps I was getting on 3.3.x. I also note that the app now also says that I have a fully functioning IPv6 network whereas with 3.4.1 it said it had problems even though it was working. The only thing that has changed is the firmware.

  • @Matthew-Leeds I recently went the "contact Support" route and found them to be responsive and helpful. I asked for access to 3.1.2 code and was given it with no questions asked.

    If you need a 3.1.2 installer to hand, just ask for it! 🙂

  • I have an HD router extended using a single Mesh Point and I went to 3.1.2 about a week ago.

    I had my first odd behaviour yesterday when download speeds to my iPhone 7 fell through the floor while an ancient iPad and a recent Mac in the same room were unaffected. A reboot of the Mesh Point sorted it, although I suspect I am at/near the range limit between Router and MP.

    I find the HD Router range to be disappointing while the MP does quite well. I moved to Amplifi HD from an Orbi (RBK30 with RBW30 plug-in satellite) because it was quite the opposite, the base/router had grunt, while the satellite lacked it.

    I'm wondering what settings I can tinker with to improve Router-to-MP range. Any suggestions?

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