Firmware v3.1.2

  • @ui-brett that's awesome news I think I've now found a solution to my girlfriends wifi issues, thank you so much.

  • @imamacnewbie I currently have Xfinity on gig service and with IPv6 enabled with the proper modem I am able to achieve those speeds. Thank you for sharing!

  • @ali-hadi Theoretically the Teleport can connect to a WiFi signal to create the VPN, where the router to router does not have that ability. If connected via WiFi you could see slower speeds, but that difference aside, the router to router Teleport should be faster because the AmpliFi router hardware is more powerful.

  • Use an AmpliFi Instant as your remote teleport device, connecting it to any network when you travel, even to another AmpliFi network in bridge mode. The AmpliFi Instant would be configured as its own network, left in DHCP mode. By doing this you could then create a Teleport tunnel to your home network which is placed into bridge mode. Then simply unplug the Instant and take it with you when you travel to your next destination.

    Hi @ui-brett - I can confirm I have this working with an HD Router and as long as you can obtain Internet access via DHCP, the double NAT is not an issue and the RAAT* can be moved to other locations and works well 👍

    *Router As A Teleport?

  • Hi @UI-Brett - if you have a primary AmpliFi HD Router in DHCP mode at a remote location, and then you add a second independent DHCP mode HD Router RAAT behind it, can you generate a Teleport code at a home location and then on the Family Tab for the remote primary HD Router, select the RAAT as a wired Ethernet device and Teleport the whole darn thing to the home location, and everything connected to it, LAN ports and all?

    Will Teleporting the whole RAAT through the double NAT work?

    Could you please test this in your lab?

    That would be fantastic for remote home use if it works
    And if it doesn't work, please add it to the request list?

  • @derek-saville Great idea! I will test this and post back because I do not know the answer to this one.

  • I'm just wondering since teleport in bridge mode uses the router as access points up address is there any way to possibly improve the connection preformace, considering that the gf had dropouts but that just as easily could be the connection at her work or her place.

    I'm thinking something like is there any ports that need forwarding, or any future upnp support than can be enabled in a future update, this is all considering that I'm in bridge mode and she's using the app on her phone.

  • Just to say the 3.1.2 is working really well for me and in the last week, my wifi throughput has never been so good. I'm getting about 490mb download consistently now over wifi when I'm in the same room as the router or mesh point. Ethernet has never been an issue as I get 990 up/down.

    Well done guys, good release

  • @edward-dolezal Nothing like this at this point in time but I will look into this further. In your instance, it seems like reliability and connection performance over speed.

  • @ui-brett thank you I really appreciate it.

  • No complaints from customers, all have been updated. WiFi works excellent and more stable than ever. Never change the software again. 🙂

    We still have 1 challenge:
    -An additional Meshpoint added is not visible and cannot be updated remotely with the App. ( It is only visible if you are in the Wi-Fi network itself. )

  • @ui-brett I am experiencing super slow speeds on a Fiber + Amplifi wired network. I am supposed to get 1Gbps and I am getting nothing past 250Mbps on this latest firmware. Is there maybe a place where I can see the optimal configuration for fiber connections? Previously, I was able to get 950Mbps wired.

  • @andres-betts Unfortunately there isn't a once size fits all approach to this, but one thing I can suggest is enable Ethernet Switch Buffer Workaround in the WebUI.

  • @ui-brett Will do and report back.

    Thank you

  • @ui-brett Can you maybe explain us a bit more in detail what this "Enable Ethernet Switch Buffer Workaround" does - technically? And if this is really a "workaround" - will this be addressed in any future firmware release?
    Thanks for lifting the fog on this 🙂

  • @thomas-walther if I remember correctly there was a thing on it about some people having issue with internet connections, and the settings affected it, by changing a few values.

  • Still no schedule time to turn off Wifi at night at specific time?
    All other mesh-router has it, why not Amplifi hd?

  • @g-m-l This has been requested prior to as you may know, but I will add your vote to this feature request.

  • Hi folks, I’m trying to determine if the “miscellaneous fixes” includes anything related to Chromecasts.

    I am currenntly running 3.1.0 on a pair of AMPLIFI HD connected with wired backhaul. I upgraded to 3.1.1 when it came out but had many problems with my connected Chromecast devices not being visible on the network (eg, to phones used to trigger streaming)

    I downgraded back to 3.1.0 and the problem went away.

    Shortly after downgrading 3.1.2 was released. I would like to understand if this is a known bug fixed in 3.1.2 or whether we would expect the problem may reoccur. Are there more detailed release notes Than this thread I can refer to?


  • @drew-mayo I have not dealt with any issues recently related to chromecast, and I also don't know of any fixes that were released related to chromecast either.

    What I would suggest to help us identify what is happening is:

    • Generate support files on working 3.1.0
    • Update to 3.1.2
    • confirm that it is no longer working and generate support files again

    This way, we can compare the working and broken setups and find a possible solution.

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