Wired backhaul

  • If I use an amplifi instant in wired backhaul along with my amplifi hd will both the instant and hd still have a wireless signal?

  • @mickey-dezell-0 yes, they should

  • @mickey-dezell-0 that's correct!

  • @mickey-dezell-0

    I have a Amplifi HD Router and a couple of Mesh Units (3) I did order another router as I heard using the wired backhaul works better and the Router has better Antenna in it for a stronger more consistent signal. But the problem I am having is I have a wired Luxul Router Switch and I have the main unit in our living room wired to that in my basement, as wired just beats WiFi hands down for reliability so I made sure I wired as much as I could. The problem I have having do I need that other router wired into my main router upstairs, or can it go through my Luxul switch... Or do I need my Router in the basement wired to the switch and then the other router upstairs running as a backhaul? I wish Amplifi had a number for Tech support as there online Gurus barely answer at all!

  • @garnet-ward Hi, I hope this answers your question. You need to have the ethernet back-haul MeshRouters wired directly to the AmpliFi that is wired to the modem. Like this modem<AmpliFi router<switch<AmpliFi Mesh router. If you feed the switch from the AmpliFi router you can plug the other backhauled MeshRouters into the switch. We do have a phone number listed on our website help.amplifi.com

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