Amazon FireTV Not connected to the Internet

  • I have an Amplifi Router HD and Mesh Point. My Amazon FireTV disconnects when I stop using it. This is a recent problem. At first everything was fine.

    FireTV settings say: Connected to wifi. Signal Strength Very Good. Channel 36 quality good / fair.
    It's connected on 5g.

    I can restablish connection after fiddling around in the app. But it's not clear what setting or action restablishes the connection. Restarting both the FireTV and Router do nothing. It almost seems that the only thing that works is if it finally connects to the internet after being on for a while.

  • @jamie-penkethman Just looking for more information, when you say stop using it do you mean it goes idle after an hour or so? This looks like a reported problem with FireTv loosing connection to its servers when it goes idle.

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