Amplifi HD Unstable after updating to 3.1.2

  • I have 4 Amplifi HD Routers with 2 Mesh Points each. Each of the routers are in separate facilities. 3 of the routers are in Bridge mode, and 1 router is connected directly to an internet modem.

    Yesterday morning at 3:45 AM, I updated the internet connected router from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2 (I had previously updated it to 3.1.0 but had to roll it back for the same issue). By about 6:30 AM, the router had dropped both the wired and wireless connections and I had to power cycle it to get it to come back up.

    I also updated one of the Bridge mode routers from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2 at about 6:00 AM, and by 7:45, it had stopped functioning as well.

    Both of the routers on 3.1.2 would stop functioning every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day yesterday. I rolled both routers back to 3.0.1 last night at about 11:00PM, and they have been rock solid since.

    @UI-Brett, any help would be appreciated. I would love to be able to use Teleport.

  • Hi @josh-franell - can you generate support files for the main router and a bridge router before the update, after the update, and after the units become unstable (assuming if they are offline you can still plug into an Ethernet port with a laptop and access the IP address directly)?

    @UI-Brett is pretty good at analyzing support files if you can send them

  • @derek-saville I have the support files for before and after. Typically, when the Amplifi freezes up, I am unable to access it via wireless or wired connection. I will make every effort to do so and I will send the "unstable" support file if I can retrieve it. Where do I send the two support files that I have?

  • The router locked up again. I was unable to download the support files via WiFi or a direct Ethernet connection.

  • @josh-franell You can email the support files to me directly if you used the WebUI to download the files. As long as the router does not loose power, the support files will retain data. So if the network becomes unstable and locks up:

    • Find the IP address of the router (if in bridge mode) if not, amplifi.lan can be used. This usually can be found on the LCD screen of the router.
    • Disconnect the WAN cable from the back of AmpliFi
    • Connect a computer to any LAN port on AmpliFi and access the WebUI to download the support files

    You said two systems have experienced issues, are the other two locations working properly or have you not updated those ones yet?
    Is there anything unique or different with your setup that would help us in identifying this issue?

  • @ui-brett I emailed the support files to you. I have not updated the Amplifis at the other locations yet. I plugged an Ethernet cable directly into the LAN port on the Amplifi, but I was unable to connect to either Amplifi.lan or to the devices IP to retrieve the support files after it had locked up.

  • Hi @josh-franell - if you don't mind my asking, are all 4 sets of HD Routers + 2 Mesh Points each kits?
    And the 3 Bridge Mode HD Routers and bridging off of the main HD Router connected to the modem, each directly plugged into a LAN port, or are there switches between the facilities?

    If you take the 3 bridged routers with their respective mesh points offline, and the 2 MeshPoint HD's of the main router offline, and just do the 3.1.2 update on the main HD Router, does the router still become unstable?

    If you are willing to do that test, and the main router remains stable, could you bring a single bridge mode HD Router online and do the update to 3.1.2 without the MeshPoint HD's and see if it remains stable?

    FWIW I have in the past run multiple bridge mode HD's off of a main HD for serving HW Teleports and never run into the issues you are experiencing
    However, I have experienced lock-ups related to the MeshPoint HD's, but they usually didn't bring the router down, only locking up the MeshPoint HD's themselves, which is why I moved away from them, but that was awhile ago

  • @derek-saville No. Each of the Amplifi HDs are at separate facilities about 40 miles from each other. Three of the facilities have an edge router between the internet and the Amplifies (which is why they are in Bridge Mode). The other facility has the Amplifi HD connected directly to the internet Modem.

    Each of the Amplifis do have 2 mesh points attached to the main HD router.

  • @josh-franell As I feared from your initial comment "had to power cycle it to get it to come back up" and "when the Amplifi freezes up, I am unable to access it via wireless or wired connection"
    The support files you were able to generate do not contain any helpful information, this is because they are temp so when you power cycle the routers, all prior data is gone.

    @Derek-Saville's suggestion to remove the mesh points is a good place to start the next test so we can rule out the mesh points creating an issue vs. the primary router. On the networks with the Edge router w/ AmpliFI in bridge, when it goes down, can you see if it responds to a ping?

  • The Amplifi in Bridge mode (behind the Edge Router) did not respond to pings or to https on its IP. I will try removing the mesh points later today to see if there is any difference.

  • @josh-franell Also, can you try enabling Ethernet switch buffer in the WebUI?

  • I rolled the Amplifi and Mesh points back to 3.0.1 this morning and then removed the mesh points and finally upgraded the Main HD to 3.1.2. The main HD just locked up and is not responding to pings or https.

    So, what do we try next?

  • @josh-franell Lets see if we can get it out of this locked up state by performing a factory reset. You can also attempt just power cycling which is less invasive. What is the LCD showing when it is locked up?

  • I have been power cycling it every time it locks up. It will go back to functioning normally for about 1-2 hours before it locks up again and I have to power cycle it again.

    Most of the time when the Amplifi locks up, the LCD is still responsive to touch and will change from the speed screen to the port status screen to the clock screen etc.

    If I do not power cycle the Amplifi after it locks up, after quite some time (an additional 3-4 hours, i think) it will show the screen that it displays while it is booting up (Amplifi WiFi Perfected).

  • @josh-franell It is difficult to find the cause of this issue without support files. You said the network locks up, but the LCD screen is still responsive. During the time when the LCD is still responsive but the network is no longer working, does the app still connect or can you access the WebUI (during this phase the most likely connection to work is a hardwired connection).
    This is the only report of such issue that I have seen with 3.1.2 so I am at a loss on what to try next.

    You said originally you tested on two of the networks, both in bridge mode with an edge router. Could you by chance test on one of the networks that is not in bridge mode and see if we face the same issue?

  • The app will not connect when the Amplifi Locks up. It disconnects all of the WiFi clients and doesn't even broadcast the SSID at that point.

    No, I tested on one network that was in Bridge mode, and one that was connected directly to an internet modem. Both are experiencing the same behavior with one exception. The one in bridge mode will lock up after approximately 1 - 2 hours, while the other one takes 4 - 6 hours to lock up.

    Other than the Bridgemode/Internet connection difference, the only other difference that I can find between the two setups is the number of wireless clients that each has. The one in bridge mode has approximately 120 - 160 wireless clients attached to it, while the other one has approximately 40 - 70 wireless clients connected at any given time.

  • I'm having the same issue, but I have a single Amplifi HD that just locks up, stops broadcasting the SSID and I have to power cycle it. I'm running a small network with only a couple of clients connected at any one time.

  • @herschel-ralston Have you tried to downgrade it to test if the issue still occurs on previous firmware? Is the screen responsive?

  • I can confirm that this is now happening to my Router. The same symptoms, no internet, no response, a power cycle is the only fix.

    I am about to roll back the firmware as a last resort.

  • I ended up rolling the firmware back. Everything is working just fine on the old firmware.

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