Connecting DM200 in Bridge mode to a AMPLIFI HD KIT, with ISP EE

  • Can anyone help me, I have a little now how and on reading some of the discussion on this, I get completely lost.
    I would like to connect a DM200 in bridge mode to my AMPLIFI HD KIT, this so I can use some of the many functions HD kit offers.
    So any advise would be great.

  • @minty-murray The DM200 is not a modem/router it is just a modem, you can only use the AmpliFi in DHCP mode with with router.

  • @minty-murray With the DM200, your network setup should follow the standard setup process. If you are replacing your existing network with AmpliFi, you may have an existing router connected to the DM200 modem. In that case, that router more than likely is no longer needed and can be removed from your network entirely.
    Hope this helps!

  • @ui-brett Thanks for your comments, let me explain a little more, the comment above yours, has now confused me again.

    If I understand you correctly, I can use a DM200 in Modem only mode, connect to my Amplifi HD box, this would then allow me to use the many functions aviable to me.
    As of this time I have a router/modem, which is DCHP and Amplifi HD is in bridge mode.

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