Hide additional SSID

  • The documentation suggests that I can hide an additional SSID, but I do not have this option in the additional SSID section of the Amplifi app.

  • @steven-goris This was available with a past version. Since then, we have modified the additional SSID feature and it is no longer available.

  • @ui-brett Hi Brett, I am confused. Why did Ubiquiti decide to remove the feature with a software update? I hope that no other features will be removed, otherwise I will be quite upset.

  • @steven-goris Let me clarify a little. This feature was pretty much re-tooled from the ground up. Before, when you created an additional SSID it was not specific to which band or location, but instead enabled all of them. With users sharing feedback and not liking the fact that now 5 SSID's were being broadcasted (Main SSID, 2.4Ghz for router, 5GHz for router, 2.4 GHz for mesh points, 5GHz for mesh points) we added the ability to hide the SSID's. In the redesign, the original need for hiding them was no longer pertinent so it was not built in.

  • @ui-brett Aah, sorry I misunderstood the additional ssid feature. I assumed that it was meant to keep IOT devices off the main network for security purposes. In this context I did not understand why the password can't be changed and why the ssid can't be hidden. However now I understand that the ssid is per access point and band, which is actually a more useful feature that I did not know existed.

  • The hidden SSID for IoT devices is still a very desirable use-case for better security so it would be nice for Ubiquiti to find a way to bring this back in some form. Perhaps via a separate menu option specifically for IoT device setup.

    There workaround to do it now by putting IoT devices on the main SSID and hiding that SSID, then configuring an "additional" SSID on the router and each mesh point for use by user controlled devices as desired (smart phones, PCs, etc). However that's not intuitive.

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