Wrong spacing and alignation in Slovak version

  • Hey, when using iOS app with Slovak language, which you support, there is this wrong alignation in “guest” tab.


    I thought I reported it already but as it is still not fixed I am sending you this again. Red short lines indicates where space should be between words.

    Also as the text is longer than in English, the alignation looks weird. Can you please have your dev team look on it? Thanks.

  • @roman-bartík Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will report it to the dev team.

  • Hey guys any news on this one? I also noticed many strings are now after many updates missing translation, so perhaps you could give us an opportunity to fix those if no official translator is being actively working on it. It would definitely give non-english speaking people better view on the amplifi as a whole.

  • @Roman-Bartík I will suggest this to our dev team. Thanks

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