AMPLIFY HD only showing less than 99 mbps on a NEW 1 GIG connection

  • Re: New 1Gbps connection; router only lets 100Mbps

    I have just upgraded to WOW 1 Gig and at Amplifi HD main I am only getting 400 wired, and about 90 mbps average wireless. NAT is enabled and even the cable tech has no idea why AMPLIFI HD is only getting the WiFi speed slow. I have seen many questions but no answers. Has this been solved?

  • I have the same issue I believe it happened after the update went out. Someone please help

  • @brian-faulkner What are you measuring with?

    I get about 850-900 with (that's down quite a bit from previous firmware) but no where near as bad as what you're seeing. I get around 170-200 wireless, which again is down quite a bit.

    Interestingly, the display lag is back - it takes a second or two for the display to 'catch up.'

  • @brian-faulkner @Adam-Curtis Let's start with who your ISP is. The original thread is for Xfinity, is that who you are with? If so, please Enable IPv6 on your AmpliFi. This is available when AmpliFi is operating in DHCP mode and Bridge mode.

    If you have a modem-router combo device provided by your ISP, lets also try switching between which device is operating in bridge, and which is DHCP. This will help us understand where the breakdown is coming from.

    If you also feel this only occured after the recent firmware update, we can use the rollback feature and test to see if your gig performance returned. This is also a great test to help us rule out or confirm the firmware as a culprit.

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